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The department of Research, Innovation and Enterprise (RIE) helms the Da Vinci Programme. This programme is one of the school’s keystone programmes designed to complement the curriculum to develop the scientific minds of our students. The 6-year programme aims to develop skills for research, innovation and enterprise in multiple disciplines. Students undergo a series of structured programmes in the first four years in order to prepare them to carry out a research project in their senior years. We strive to develop our students in the following ways:

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To nurture students’ appreciation and understanding of the multi- and inter-disciplinary nature of work so that they can be polymaths in this fast-changing world.
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To help students stay at the frontier of research and innovation.
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To inculcate the observation, communication and thinking skills vital for research and innovation.

In the foundation years, the department has designed structured modules that provide training in problem solving skills as well as inter- & multi-disciplinary studies. Elective modules in Design & Engineering and Science Communication are also offered to students.
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Customising circuit boards
(Design and Engineering)
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Design Thinking - Understanding
about Perspectives
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Solar Tracker:
A Year 1 project
To prepare our students for research work, all students are required to take the Research Methodology module. Students also have the opportunity to take on simpler research projects guided by our teachers. From Year 3, they can also participate in mentorship programmes to conduct research with partner organisations.
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Junior Science Research
Module for Year 3s
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Junior Scientist Category:
Singapore Science and
Engineering Fair
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Science Mentorship
Our students embark on their Advanced Research Project in their Specialisation years. All students’ research will culminate in a project presentation at our annual NUS High School Research Congress. Students are always encouraged to interact with their peers, both local and international, and exchange ideas through oral and poster presentations at local and overseas science fairs and conferences.
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Annual Research Congress
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Representing Singapore at the
Intel International Science and
Engineering Fair
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Our students’ research
contribute to
research publications
In line with our school’s vision to nurture pioneers, humanitarians and innovators, the department seeks to develop skillsets in our students that can encourage them in the area of innovation and enterprise. Besides elective modules offered to equip them with design thinking skills, the department organises a hackathon annually. The school has also filed patents for innovative engineering and software solutions.
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Solid State Fan - Patented
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Hackathon 2019 Champions
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Engineering Interest Group