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Wonderment in the Classroom

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Real world connections: Physics lessons in NUS High are not just about text-book answers. Where appropriate, lessons are crafted to make physics concepts come alive by making connections to real world applications. This makes the learning of Physics relevant and engaging.

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Authentic Assessments such as this group project to build a projectile launcher create authentic and often interdisciplinary scenarios for students to apply their physics concepts and try their hands at solving interesting problems.

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Enrichment modules allow students to explore topics beyond the core curriculum, according to their interests. The Robotics enrichment modules, which focus on hands-on applications of physics and programming, are popular with our students.

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Experiential Inquiry cultivates the sense of wonder innate in our students when they encounter natural phenomenon first-hand. Wonderment is a powerful instrinsic motivation that drives scientists to persevere in research and discover new science.