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Beyond the Classroom

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Physics Interest Group, also known as QUANTA, is a gathering of like-minded students who love Physics. They cultivate and spread their interest and passion in Physics to peers within the school as well as to other students beyond the school, through conducting demonstrations, workshops and organizing learning journeys.

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Learning Journeys and Field Trips are platforms for students to see the relevance of Physics and Engineering in the real world. Besides visits to the industries, Astronomy field trips are also organized for students enthusiasts in Astronomy.

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Overseas Academic Programmes deepen students' learning in fields of expertise which are not found locally. Our school partners with CERN in Switzerland (for Particle Physics) and Beihang University (for Aeronautics and AstroPhysics) through annual trips for students to be inspired by experts in their fields.

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Robotics, Astronomy and Youth Flying Club are three CCAs that the department helps to helm. This is another wonderful platform that merges the social and academic development of our students, as they interact with peers with similar passions.