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Third Language Programmes

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Language Proficiency: Third Language modules equip students with the knowledge and skills of the language essential for actual communication. To acquire communicate competence, knowledge on vocabulary and grammar are explicitly taught and the ability to use this knowledge are developed through performing various language tasks.

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Authentic Learning:  ICT-infused lessons (for e.g. video conferencing) and collaborations with partner schools, both local and abroad, creates conditions for authentic learning. Students enhance their ability to apply knowledge of the language through close interactions with teachers and peers within and beyond the classroom.

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Cultural Awareness: Apart from equipping students with the knowledge and skills, acquiring them with a sense of cultural awareness is meaningful in language appreciation. Class tasks (for e.g. French food tasting) and learning journeys are purposefully planned and guided in this respect.

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Learning Opportunities:  To deepen and broaden learning, learning opportunities in the form of competitions (for e.g. Japanese Speech Contest, mBoggle Competition for MSP) and overseas student exchange programmes (such as Nanao, Ritsumeikan SEP) are organized. Students also get to reflect on these learning opportunities to maximize their learning.