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Beyond the Classroom

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English Language Interest Group (ELIG)
This is a student-initiated and student-led platform with three distinct aims. Its first goal is to nurture interest and develop passion for the English Language, Current Affairs and English Literature beyond the classroom. Secondly, it seeks to provide service to the school and outreach to the community. Thirdly, ELIG provides enrichment and extension opportunities activities for interested students and/or high ability learners of the subject.

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Learning Journeys and Enrichment Programmes
These are planned to enhance experiential learning and pique interest beyond the formal curriculum, and are for all the students of the cohort. These compulsory activities complement the English Language and Literature core modules they are taking and follow-up activities will be conducted in class. At least one enrichment activity is conducted for each module/cohort. They include learning Journeys and play-viewing, post exam workshops, assembly programmes e.g. public speaking competition and current affairs challenge and drama and debate showcase by students.

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Competitions and Seminars for Exposure
Talented and passionate students are selected for competitions, seminars and programmes for selected students. Structured training and guidance are provided by the teachers for some of the competitions.

In addition, a pool of good presenters are selected annually to be emcees for school events. These students will receive training to hone their emceeing skills.