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Wonderment in the Classroom

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Real world connections: Our students see biology come alive with a curriculum that is packed with well-crafted experiments and field work. Our biology laboratories are well equipped to handle a wide range of experiments.

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Authentic Assessments  allow both the teacher and student to focus on skill sets that are relevant in the real world. These assessments are often interdisciplinary in nature. Here, you see the Year 5 biology majors in their outdoor fieldwork at Lazarus Island.

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A Comprehensive Syllabus  allows our students to appreciate the various facets of biology, from microbiology to human anatomy (a discussion on the cardiac cycle is captured above) to ecology.

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Experiential Inquiry  creates wonderment in our students, as they work together to make sense of what they observe in the environment around them. Here, a group of year 1s are sampling the grass patches in front of the school.