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Beyond the Classroom

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Biology Interest Group aims to gather like-minded students and increase interest and passion in Biology, both inside and outside of the school community. Students join on a voluntary basis and are given platforms to pursue their passion through organising talks, sharing sessions and learning journeys for enrichment beyond the formal curriculum.

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Participating in External Challenges such as online international competitions provide platforms for the students to exercise their interest in Biology beyond the curriculum. These are also good opportunities to gauge their standard with peers locally and overseas.

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Overseas Academic Programmes are organised to expose our students to deeper learning where the fields of expertise cannot be found locally. The school organises biogeography field trip to Wales annually to enable students to learn both biology and geography field studies in an integrated manner. It also allows them to appreciate the interdisciplinary nature of ecology, biodiversity, geography and conservation.

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Outreach to the public in the form of workshops planned and implemented by our students allow them to practice their science communication skills, and to spread their love and passion for Biology to the community.