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  • Math and Sciences
  • Humanities, Art & Music
  • Research, Innovation & Enterprise
  • Languages

  • Languages
  • 3 compulsory Major Subjects
    [Mathematics and 2 Sciences]
  • Advanced Research Project
  • Optional 4th Major [Humanities, Art, Music or Science]
  • Optional up to 2 Majors with Honours
We have a unique curriculum that is relevant, rigorous and inspiring to students who have the aptitude in and passion for Mathematics and Science. The curriculum allows students to have more flexibility for exploration.
Honours Modules
Advanced modules designed at undergraduate level for students specifically reading Mathematics or Science.
Enrichment Modules
Optional modules that do not affect graduation where students can broaden their interests.
Core Modules
Modules are compacted and rigorous with essential knowledge and skills expected of a student majoring in the discipline.
Elective Modules
Optional modules that build on the core modules to give deeper understanding and challenging concepts
The modular curriculum structure allows students to pursue their passion, broaden their interest and individualise their own learning to achieve excellence.

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