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Leadership is for everyone

In NUS High, we believe that every student is a leader in their own right. Leadership does not require a formal title or position. It is a conscious choice to make a positive difference to others by either stepping up when opportunity presents itself or by creating opportunities. Leadership can be learned and leadership development is available to all students in NUS High.

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Leadership begins from within and requires inner work. It requires both emotional intelligence and critical thinking competencies and the platforms to apply these competencies.

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Our Vision

Future Ready Pioneers, Humanitarians and Innovators who Lead Self, Inspire Others, and Shape Futures.
Leading Self
Developing a sound character as a foundation.
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Orientation Activities
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CCE Lessons
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Leadership Workshops
Inspiring Others
Working with others to bring about positive change.
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House Activities
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CCA Leaders
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Leadership Camp
Shaping Futures
Making a Difference to the Community
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Orientation Leaders
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House Leaders
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Students’ Council