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This is NUS High’s 6-year programme designed to nurture dispositions of a Humanitarian through the Heart, Head and Hand approach. It aims to attune our students to the needs of our society, and to have a holistic understanding of the key challenges involved in community service as well as an appreciation of the stakeholders involved in this work. An outcome we strive for is to channel our students’ passion in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM), towards collaborations and solutions for the betterment of the world.
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Phase 1:
Caring & Empathetic Participant
Years 1 & 2

  1. Exposure to community needs
  2. Acquire knowledge, skills and competencies such as self-awareness, empathy, perspective - taking, relational skills
  3. Level-based community programmes via experiential learning
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Phase 2:
Humble & Active Participant
Years 3 & 4

  1. Information gathering on ground needs
  2. Data mining
  3. Perspective taking
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Phase 3:
Active Contributor
Years 5 & 6

  1. Take actions to initiate, plan and implement community projects
  2. Connect with beneficiaries to gain insights
  3. Reflection and review
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Phase 4:
Create our Future
Year 6

  1. Consolidate experience and learning as individuals, group and cohort
  2. Share and showcase projects
  3. Develop unifying narratives through advocacy and service as mentors to juniors

In the lower years, structured activities are organised to expose our students to the needs of the community and for them to acquire skills and competencies that will build them up as humanitarians.
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Year 1
Family Bonding Day
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Year 2
Knowing our Community
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Year 3
Simulation Activity to Empathise with Elderly
In the senior years, students are encouraged to initiate, plan and implement service or STEM projects with community partners. Together with our staff, they reflect and review on the effectiveness and learning outcomes of their projects, and share their experiences with their peers and juniors.
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Humanitarian Education Project
Virtual Robotics Project
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Humanitarian Education Project
Virtual Intergenerational Activity
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Overseas Community
Involvement Projects
Community Projects are also carried out by CCA groups, as our students use their talents and skills to benefit others.
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Table Tennis Activities for Children from Children’s
Wishing Well
Picture 8.jpgChinese Orchestra Performing &
Befriending at Nursing Home
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St John’s Ambulance Brigade
Befriending at NKF Dialysis