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Character Education

We adapt the 24 Character Strengths by Martin Seligman and Christopher Peterson. Character Strengths are positive human qualities that are universally valued. They are lifelong leverages that students can use to build their character, enhance their well-being, improve their relationships with others and manage their life challenges.

For Cyber Wellness and Sexuality Education, our school follows the syllabuses given by MOE closely. However, we vary the ways the syllabuses are implemented, given the school context.
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Citizenship Education

We aim to develop in our students the disposition towards active and concerned citizenry, and one who is proud of the history and heritage of Singapore. On top of CCE lessons, citizenship education is also conducted through the commemorative events, engagement sessions with senior civil servants and members of our alumni, learning journeys, interactive forums, workshops and panel discussions.

Weekly CCE Lessons

CCE Lessons provide the fundamental knowledge and skills that students can apply in other learning platforms.

The modules conducted during CCE Lessons include Character Strength Development, Cyberwellness Education, Sexuality Education, Leadership Development, Humanitarian Education and College Guidance.
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Cyberwellness Carnival
Prepared by Year 3s for Year 2s
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Career Counselling
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Level Bonding
Calendared NE Events

Calendared NE Events provide the timely platforms for the development of the various citizenship attitudes that are desired of our students. These include the commemorative events such as Total Defence Day and Racial Harmony Day, engagement sessions with office holders from various ministries and ceremonies such as the issuance of NRIC.
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Racial Harmony Day
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Engagement Session with
Civil Service Office Holders
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Issuance of NRIC Ceremony
Post-Exam Programme

Learning journeys, forums/panel discussions and camps that are part of the CCE curriculum but require extended periods of time beyond the one-hour CCE lessons are conducted during the post-exam period.
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Visit to Bicentennial Experience
at Fort Canning
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Visit to the Navy at Vivo
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Year 2 Resilience Camp