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School Safety Policy

It is the policy of the school to:

    • Develop a culture of safety amongst students, staff & stakeholders
    • Provide a safe school environment, including the materials & equipment needed, to ensure safety for students & staff at all times
    • Adopt reasonably practicable measures to prevent all foreseeable incidents for all school programmes
    • Provide students and staff with training to build their safety-related skills and capabilities
    • Carry out regular reviews of safety processes
    • Be guided by MOE’s Safety Vision & Mission, Safety Guiding Principles, Safety Philosophy and School Safety Framework in ensuring school safety

Group Accident Insurance

Group Accident Policy (1 Feb 2019 – 31 Jan 2020)

The School has taken up a group personal accident policy for your child/ ward with Marsh Singapore Ltd (effect from 1 Feb 2019 to 31 Jan 2020).

The policy is by no means extensive and is intended only to help defray some of the costs incurred by an accident.

Please enquire at the Admin Office for submission of a claim.

For coverage and further details, click here.

Claim Procedure

1) Inform the teacher-in-charge of an activity/event or mentor to complete a 'School Incident Report' form.

2) After the ‘School Incident Report’ is completed and signed by Deputy Principal (Admin), obtain the ‘Personal Accident/Infectious Diseases Insurance Claim Form’ (within 30 days) from Ms Philomena Loh at the Admin Office.

3) Attach all original supporting documents required as stated in the form.

4) Ensure that the name payable to (Student or Parent's name) must be the same as in their bank account.

Medical expenses claim:

    • in-patient bills/medical bills and receipts or invoices
    • medical report and/or certification from attending physician on diagnosis
    • if these have been given to another insurer/employer, please provide:
      • photocopy of the bills
      • reimbursement letter/discharge voucher from the insurer/employer indicating the amount paid by them

Death claim:

    • death certificate, police report, autopsy report, coroner’s findings
    • provide proof of relationship between the insured and the claimant e.g. birth certificate

Permanent disability claim:
    • medical report

5) Make a copy of the form and receipts or invoices for your record.

6) Submit signed insurance form and attached bills/documents to Ms Loh (within 30 days).

The first treatment bill/invoice and Insurance Form will be sent to Insurance's company within 30 days from date of injury. Do not withhold accumulated claims till last doctor's appointment as subsequent treatments past the first 30 days can continue to claim.

7) Validity of claims on treatment must be within 12 months from date of accident.

Upon receipt of the payment settlement from Insurer, Ms Loh will contact the student or parents.

Basis of Cover: As per Schedule below


No. Benefit Sum Insured / Limit
1. Accidental Death Benefit S$50,000
2. Accidental Permanent Disablement (including Second and Third Degree Burns) Up to 150% of Death Benefit
3. Funeral Benefit S$5,000
4. Medical Expenses
(sum of outpatient and inpatient medical expenses)
Up to S$13,000 With the following sub-limits :-
a) Outpatient expenses (up to S$2,150 including S$400 sublimit for TCM) for outpatient and follow-up medical treatments due to an accident including minor / day surgery at a clinic /hospital, physiotherapy at specialist outpatient clinics (SOC) in restructured hospitals and Singapore Sports Council, dental treatments and ambulance fees

b) Inpatient expenses (up to S$10,850) for inpatient and follow-up treatments after hospitalization due to an accident including daily room and board (including ICU), capped at S$120 per day, in-hospital consultation and surgery expenses, for other hospital services (eg. X-rays, MRI, prescription, medical supplies, operating theatre)

c) Reconstructive surgical expenses arising from an accident (up to S$13,000)

For accident overseas, the insured must seek treatment within 7 days of returning to Singapore
5. Hospitalization Allowance
(overseas and upon return)
S$50 per day of hospitalization stay (up to a maximum of 50 days
6. Temporary / Permanent Mobility Aid, Prosthesis and Other Implants S$5,000

Terroritorial/Geographical Limit(s): (Cover any one of the following):

  1. To cover the students while within their premises (including boarding school 24 hours cover) regardless whether they are participating/attending any school activities;
  2. To cover the students participating/attending school activities, and/or activities approved/ organized/ endorsed/ sponsored/ authorized by NUS High School;
  3. To cover travelling directly between residence and school or venues outside their premises for school activities, and/or activities approved/ organized/endorsed/ sponsored/ authorized by NUS High School;
  4. To cover students on community involvement program approved / endorsed by NUS High School;
  5. To cover students on job attachment assigned and approved by NUS High School.

Aggregate Limit(s) of Liability: S$10,000,000 per occurrence/per event

Extension(s) Clause(s):

    • 2nd Degree Burn - S$5,000
    • 3rd Degree Burn
    • Additional Accidental Death Benefit due to Natural Catastrophe (Additional Payout - up to S$5,000)
    • Ambulance Costs (Limit : S$500)
    • Assault, Hijack and Murder Clause
    • Cancellation Clause by Insurer(s) 60 days, by Insured (anytime with Pro-rata Premium refund)
    • Comatose State Benefit (Up to 10% of accidental death or S$50,000 whichever is lower)
    • Community Involvement Program approved/endorsed by the Insured
    • Drowning and Suffocation by Gas, Poisonous Fumes or Smoke
    • Exposure & Disappearance Clause (12 months)
    • Full Terrorism Cover (including Nuclear, Chemical & Biological)
    • Food Poisoning in School or during a School Activity
    • HIV due to blood Transfusion (up to S$5,000)
    • Job attachment assigned and approved by the Insured
    • Miscarriage due to an accident
    • Motor-cycling
    • Policy is extended to cover animal bites and insect stings
    • Scarring of Face (up to S$500)
    • Strike Riot & Civil Commotion
    • Unscheduled Flights (up to S$2,000,000 per conveyance)
    • Memo A
Exclusions relating to hazardous activities/sports do not apply if such activities are organised/sponsored/endorsed/authorised by the Insured

Major Exclusion(s):
    • War, revolution or any similar event
    • Radioactivity or nuclear risks
    • Criminal act, self-injury, suicide while sane or insane, provoked assault, intoxication, drugs
    • Taking part in flying or aerial activities except as a fare paying passenger
    • Professional sports, any kind of speed contest or racing (other than on foot)
    • Engaging in naval, military or air forces services or training (other than reservist training)

The above summary provides an outline of the coverage and is not a policy document. The terms and conditions of the Insurer's policy document shall prevail at all times.