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School Fees

School Fees (Per Month)

Nationality From 2018 (S$) From 2019 (S$) From 2020 (S$)
Singapore Citizens 300 300 300
Singapore Permanent Residents 550 650 760
International Students (ASEAN) 1,190 1,450 1,500
International Students (non-ASEAN) 1,550 1,900 2,050

  1. The school fee structure applies to all students, regardless of date of admission to the school.

  1. Supplementary fee of S$20 per month per student is payable, in addition to school fees. The supplementary fees will help defray costs of school-wide activities and programmes where each and every student will benefit. The amount collected pays for items such as the Student Protection Plan (Insurance), School newsletters/publications and other services/facilities.

  1. Students are advised to submit documentary proof of their citizenship changes to the School promptly. School fees changes will take effect in the month following the notification.

Collection of Fees through Inter-Bank Giro Scheme

  1. All fees are collected through the Inter-bank Giro Scheme.

  1. It is compulsory for parents / guardians of students to take part in the Inter-bank Giro scheme. Parents / guardians must have a savings or current account. Fees due from students will then be automatically deducted through the scheme.

  1. The softcopy of the form in PDF is available here. Form - Direct Debit Authorisation NUSHS Students.pdf

  1. Should deductions via the Giro scheme be unsuccessful due to insufficient funds, students may be required to pay the fees by cheque / cash at the School’s General Office, subject to an administrative charge of S$10.

  1. Please refer to list on the right for GIRO deduction date. Note that November school fee is deducted together with September and December school fee is deducted together with October.


  1. Edusave funds (only applicable to Singapore Citizens) can be used to pay for school enrichment programmes where eligible. Instead of signing and returning the Edusave withdrawal authorization form for every enrichment programme, the school has issued the Edusave Enrichment Programme Standing Order (Edusave EPSO) for all parents to give authorization for the school to make withdrawals from student’s Edusave account for local enrichment programmes. This one-time Edusave withdrawal authorization will remain valid throughout your child/ward's school years.

    The soft copy of the form in PDF is available here. Form - Edusave EPSO.pdf. A list of FAQs is also included in the PDF form.

  1. If the balance in the Edusave account is insufficient, the school will proceed to deduct from the giro account nominated with the school.

  1. The Edusave Standing Order can also be terminated at any time. The soft copy of the termination form is available here. Form - Edusave EPSO Termination.pdf
2020 School fees GIRO deduction date
Scheduled Date
January & February 10-Feb-2020
March 10-Mar-2020
April 13-Apr-2020
May 11-May-2020
June 10-Jun-2020
July 10-Jul-2020
August 11-Aug-2020
September & November 10-Sep-2020
October & December 12-Oct-2020

2019 School fees GIRO deduction date
Scheduled Date
January & February 11-Feb-2019
March 11-Mar-2019
April 10-Apr-2019
May 10-May-2019
June 10-Jun-2019
July 10-Jul-2019
August 13-Aug-2019
September & November 10-Sep-2019
October & December 10-Oct-2019