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Parents Support Group

Parents Support Group
A Warm Welcome to the Family!

In NUS High School, we believe that parents' partnership and parents' engagement are integral
to the positive growth of our students' well-being and development in their adolescent years
and high school years. Our PACE Framework encourages our parents to be Participating
family member, giving time to what matters to your child and be part of their formative years;
Achieving alongside and at various milestones of your child's high school years; Contributing by
connecting and collaborating with our school at various platforms and Equipping as informed
parents on key school information and relevant parenting skills to build and deepen the
parent-child conversation and strengthen positive parent-child relationship.

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Be there to feel for them, walk with them, cheer for them, laugh with them and celebrate with them
- Character Development and Positive Well-being
- School Activities and School Events
- Pathfinding Conversations and Career Aspirations

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Show care and interest in what they put their heart and soul into, what their challenges are, what they embark on, and stay informed on key school information and available opportunities
- High School Years
(Academic and Co-Curricular Journey)

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Connect and collaborate with the school to avail platforms and opportunities for NUS High students to hear and learn from experts and individuals of their fields
- Research and mentorship
- Internship opportunities and experiences
- Additional chaperone for industrial visits, learning journeys
- Conducting life-skills workshops
- Outreach and sharing to primary schools
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Build and deepen parent-child conversation and strengthen positive parent-child relationship
- Key School talks
- Parenting Workshops
- Parent-Teacher Meetings

Bonding Activities among Parents

Activities within the Parents Support Group revolve around 4 themes - Do Good Together, Have Fun Together, Exercise Together, Makan Together! Write to us if you would like to join in some of these activities as well!

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Parents - Be Part of our NUS High Family

Please fill in the relevant sections via this link to indicate your interest. For PSG-related queries, you may also write into Ms Philomena Loh at [email protected].

Stay connected with us too, via our school Facebook, as well as emails you may receive from the PSG Committee sent in the year, on events or workshops you can be part of.

Keep In Touch!

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