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Students' Council


The NUS High School Students’ Council strives to promote a vibrant school culture to create a sense of belonging and to enrich the school experience for all students and staff. As role models, we lead by example, influencing our peers through our words and actions. Fuelled with passion and drive, we venture forth and break new ground, taking the lead in all endeavours. Motivated, we serve the school and community through servant leadership, committing ourselves to the welfare of NUS High School. 

Since its inception in 2005, the Student Council has strived towards bringing forth the vibrancy of school culture. Fuelled by passion, loyalty and service to the School, our past and present councillors have worked hard to create a sense of belonging for the student population and staff. 

In 2008, we saw the merger of the Student Council and the Peer Support Leaders. Shortly after in 2009, the Music Ambassadors, the National Education Ambassadors, Green Ambassadors, Subject Interest Group Leaders; Mentor Representatives; Boarding Leaders; CCA Leaders and House Captains were also brought under the broader umbrella of Student Leadership. 

We have since grown and evolved as a board to adopt a system best suited to serving our students. The system, as of 2016, consists of the 5 ExCo members taking on the positions of President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer and Resource Manager. A total of 37 Councillors from Years 3 to 5 are involved in the planning of events, providing support for programs within school and in acting as a bridge between the staff and students. Sub-committees, overseen by the Year 5 Senior Committee Members, work to plan events such as Staff Appreciation Day and Friendship Week as well as carrying out initiatives such as NUS High Goes Green. With the focus on students and staff at the heart of all we do, the Students’ Council is a motivated group that is always ready to serve our school and community through servant leadership. 

The Students’ Council will work hard to create a platform for nurturing servant leaders of tomorrow. By displaying exemplary conduct and excellence, student councillors will role-model and lead by example. To achieve this goal, the Students’ Council hopes to develop our councillors and student leaders through leadership workshops and projects to expand their exposure and enliven their leadership experience.

The vigour and passion of Student Councillors can never be extinguished and for this reason, all of us can look forward to an exciting year ahead as NUS High School continues to soar to greater heights. Go NUS High!