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Service Learning & CIP

Heart @ NUS High School of Math and Science

Heart @ NUS High School aims to nurture our students to be socially responsible and develop a sense of belonging, service and commitment to the school and the community. At NUS High School of Math and Science, we firmly believe that active participation in community service will help to develop a strong sense of social responsibility, compassion and empathy. We have adopted a school-wide approach to service-learning. Service-Learning focuses not only on the service, but also has specific learning goals in mind.

Our school is committed to developing our students employing a six year structured
programme where the students will be given opportunities / autonomy and ownership progressively to chart their progress in being active contributors and life-long volunteers.

In the Foundation Years (Year 1 – 2), students are exposed to opportunities for active contributions through structured programme. This is to raise their self-awareness and social awareness and to enable our students to be sensitive to the real needs of the society and be able to empathise with people around them.

In the Advancement Years (Year 3 – 4), students are given the opportunities to initiate student-led Service-Learning projects through their CCAs. This provides students the opportunity to apply their interests and strengths in their CCA towards serving the community.

In the Specialisation Years (Year 5 – 6), students are given the autonomy to plan and manage their
Service-Learning project for optimal experiential learning. The students are active in the community and undertake surveys/ evaluations to determine genuine community needs so as to carefully craft their projects to meet these needs. The students will be guided by teacher mentors who will advise on the feasibility and sustainability of the project.


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