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Internationalisation Programme

NUS High School hopes to nurture world-ready scientific minds who will make distinguished contribution as Pioneers, Achievers, Thinkers and Humanitarians. Our Internationalisation Programme embraces the world as its classroom, as it develops students to possess a global outlook and operate within multi-national settings. Students will learn to engage quickly and successfully in any environment or social setting.

The objectives of the NUS HIGH SCHOOL Internationalisation Programme are: 

  • To develop students to be world-ready and culturally savvy – cognitively, physically and emotionally;
  • To expose students to Asia and the world and sensitise them to the place of Singapore in relation to its global context;
  • To deepen students’ commitment and rootedness to Singapore; and
  • To provide an opportunity for our students to learn and interact with their peers around the world who share similar passion and aptitude in Math, Science and research.

Every student have an opportunity to extend their learning overseas through student exchange programmes, NUS High School Overseas Student Academic Programme (OSAP), university summer programmes, academic learning field trips, service learning programmes, overseas conferences, fairs or competitions.

NUS High School has established exchange and research programme collaborations with top Math and Science schools in many countries and regions, including Australia, Brunei, China, Germany, Japan, Russia, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand and the United Kingdom.

Students will be able to engage in challenging academic work, learn to appreciate other cultures and extend the friendship and understanding of their friends overseas who have similar aptitude in math and science.