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Michael Faraday (September 22, 1791 - August 25, 1867) was a British scientist who contributed to the field of electromagnetism and invented the Bunsen burner. His greatest work was with electricity.

In 1845 he discovered what is now called the Faraday effect and the phenomenon that he named diamagnetism. The plane of polarization of linearly polarized light propagated through a material medium can be rotated by the application of an external magnetic field aligned in the propagation direction. He wrote in his notebook, "I have at last succeeded in illuminating a magnetic curve or line of force and in magnetising a ray of light". This established that magnetic force and light were related.

In the work on static electricity, Faraday demonstrated that the charge only resided on the exterior of a charged conductor, and exterior charge had no influence on anything enclosed within a conductor; this shielding effect is used in what is now known as a Faraday cage.

Roll Of Honour

  House Master/Mistress Captain Vice - Captain
2005 Mr Sukandar H Thejas Hiremath Zhao Ye
2006 Ms Camellia Lee Hari Narayan A.V. Gary Lee Cheng Feng
2007 Ms Camellia Lee Yang Jie Shen Gary Lee Cheng Feng
2008 Ms Camellia Lee &
Mr Chua Aik Boon
Loh Lian Han Tan Wan Yu

Achievement Honour

Year Sports Day Cross Country Overall House Championship
2005 1st 4th -
2006 2nd 3rd 2nd
2007 2nd 1st 1st


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