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St. John’s  Brigade

Life in St John Ambulance Brigade is vibrant, exciting and rewarding. When we are not engaging our passion in the learning and practice of first aid, home nursing and foot drill, our enthusiasm finds us initiating efforts to educate the public on vital life-saving skills. Being a fun-loving group, we will have a retreat every once in a while to take a break from the rigours of competition training and catch up with one another in the spirit of bonding.
Our motto is Pro Utilitate Hominum, Latin for “For the Service of Mankind”.
Our corps seeks to educate, nurture and empower our members.
    • As leaders, we lead by example.
    • As professionals, we impart all the best we have to offer.
    • As an organisation, we form a global community of learned and respected humanitarians in the cause of service to mankind.
    • As a uniform group, we maintain discipline to imbue resilience and fortitude in the students’ character and mind set to thrive in other aspects of life.
    • As part of the society, we give back to the community.
    • As an individual, we extend our compassion to our fellowmen.
In SJAB where knowledge is gladly imparted, no one inducted is denied a learning opportunity.
In SJAB where understanding and compassion is commonplace, no one gets left behind or forgotten.
This is SJAB.
Welcome to the family.