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Scouting is more than just a CCA. It is a way of looking at life; becoming a better person through your own strength and the teamwork of fellow scouts. We invite you to be part of the Scouting family. Having fun, making friends and broadening your skills--it doesn’t get much better than these!

Motto: Be prepared

Basic scout qualities: Teamwork, Integrity, Confidence and Leadership.

Activities: Skill training – First Aid, Map Reading, Navigation, Knots, Outdoor Cooking and Camp Craft Pioneering

• Frank Cooper Sands Award (Silver) from 2010-2014,
• Silver Award in the National Patrol Camp 2011,
• Gold Award in the National Patrol Camp 2013,
• Special Award for Excellence in Camp Craft Cooking.
Setting up campfire.JPGTesting Chemicals in Lab.JPG

Testing chemicals for NUS High Orientation Campfire                        Setting up the campfire

2015 EXCO members

Troop Leader:                Lee Jia Hern
Senior Patrol Leader:    Tan Wei Liang
Patrol Leaders:              Rayhan Erlangga Rahadian  &  Chiong Ee Tak, Ryan