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The NUS High School NCC Unit was formed on 7th January 2005. It started with only seven cadets and was a tough beginning as there was no tradition to refer to, unlike the more established Units.

The Unit has always been supportive of major school events like the Speech Day, School Open house and National Day.



The Unit works in line with the mission and vision of the HQ NCC and hope to develop the 7 core values within its cadets:

1.            Loyalty to country

2.            Leadership

3.            Uprightness

4.            Discipline

5.            Care for fellow cadets

6.            Commitment and responsibility

7.            Adventurous spirit

8.            Safety



The Unit hopes to shape and develop a team of fine gentlemen who have sound character, confidence and discipline. They will serve the human race with minds as well as with hearts.



Commanding Officer :                 Mr. Chua Chin Haw (

Assistant Commanding Officer :   Mr. Lee Siak Cheong (

Cadet Officers :                         C/2LT Sia Ji Kui Joshua                                                   C/Off  Muhammad Alisudais Bin Suhaiemi

Unit Sergeant Major :                 MSG Tan Sing Yeng

Assistant Sergeant Major :         MSG Chua Hou

Trainings are held from 4 pm to 6 pm on Mondays and Fridays. To date, the Unit has grown to its current strength of 39, including 2 Cadet Officer, 5 Senior Specialists and 4 Associate Members.


1.            Basic Military Knowledge and Training

2.            Physical Training

3.            Foot Drills and Arms Drill

4.            M16 and SAR21 IMT Shooting

5.            SAR21 Live Shooting

6.            Orienteering

7.            Freestyle Drill

8.            Total Defence

9.            Teambuilding

10.         National Day Parade

11.         Specialist and Senior Specialist Course

12.         Advance Drill Course

13.         Cadet Officer Course

14.         Part A/B Camps

15.         Camp FORGE, Camp STEEL, Camp PINNACLE

16.         Overseas Attachment

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