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Water Sports

History of Water Sports Club
The Water Sports Club was first introduced in 2006. Mr Chua Aik Boon, the then Teacher-in-Charge, was given charge of the Water Sports Club. He thought hard and fast about which aspect of water sports the school should focus on. He then came up with the idea of forming a Canoe Polo team. The CCA was inaugurated in 2007. It was to be a JC level CCA, but due to the skills requirement, members were recruited in Year 3. In 2010, Mr Jeryl Sim took over as Teacher In-Charged. 

What is Canoe Polo?
Many of us have heard of canoeing and water polo before, but put them together and you get many more puzzled looks. Canoe polo is a fusion of water polo, kayaking and basketball.

The game is played by two teams of five players each, trying to score goals with a waterpolo ball in a net suspended above the water at each end of a "playing pitch", which is often a swimming pool. The fast, exciting game is played in two halves of ten minutes each, and produces fast, robust action, where a wide range of skills, including the Eskimo / Hand Roll, are regularly used. Tactics and positional play are as important as the speed and fitness of the individual athletes in this contact team game.

This sport is easy to pick up and involves a lot of teamwork. Though it may be tiring at times, the exhilaration and thrill with playing alongside your teammates make it more than worthwhile. To make things even cooler, this sport is normally introduced at the varsity level, and our school is the only high school in Singapore to have such a CCA!

But before you join, we have a warning: Once you start, you can't stop. Canoe polo is addictive. You will find yourself wanting more training and more competitions to go for.

It is during the off-seasons when members have the chance to explore other water sports. In previous years, members have tried round island kayaking, scuba diving and mini-triathlons. In the years to come we hope to include Sailing, Wind surfing and even Kite-surfing and Wave boarding.

CCA Objectives:
  1. To promote Water Sports to school population, by looking out for and encouraging student interest in water sports.
  2. To produce a generation of youths who have knowledge of water safety, and appreciation for this resource, and the activities that we can do as a result of it. This includes inculcating awareness of Water Issues, and to encourage actions by students to protect this limited resource. (through collaboration with external agencies, and stake holders)
  3. To prepare for, and compete in Water related competitions. Our main sport is Canoe Polo.
Events / Competitions / Programme for 2015:




NTU 3on3 Competition 


CCA Fair


Annual General Meeting


Chinese New Year Celebrations


Application for National Youth Achievement Award 2015


Holiday Training on 16, 17 and 18 March


CCA for Sem 1 ends on 10 April


Post Exam – CCA resumes on 18 May

Kayak 1 star – New members to attend


School Holidays

CCA Camp / mini sea expedition

CCA resumes 31 June


Preparations for National Canoe Polo Championship


National Canoe Polo Championship 2015


Water Sports Enrichment –



CCA ends 9 Oct in preparation for exams.


CCA resumes 9 Nov. Preparation for NTU 3on3 in Jan 2016


School Holidays

2009 – NTU 3 on 3 Competition:  Senior Boys and Junior Girls team made it to Semi-finals, Overall 4th Position for both teams.
2009 – Pesta Sukan National Canoe Polo Championship: Overall 4th Position.
2009 – Two of members Tan Wee Chye and Yeo Tiong Hian were selected for the National Youth Squad. One member Loh Lian Han was selected for the National Triathlon Junior Squad.

2010 -  NTU 3 on 3 Competition: Senior Boys 4th Position, Senior Girls 3rd Position and Junior Girls Champion!
2010 – One of our member: Jazlene Ong Jing Wen was selected for National Byte Squad (Sailing) - she achieved Overall 1st position in her boat category.
2010 - National Canoe Polo Championship - men's senior team achieved 4th position in B Division.

2011 – Participated in the first NTU 5v5 Competition.
2011 – Participated in Singapore Polytechnic Canoe Polo Championship
2011 – 12th National Canoe Polo Championship – Women’s team achieved 4th position.

2012 – NTU 3v3 Canoe Polo Championships 2nd position (Junior Mens Category)
2012 - National Inter Schools Dragon Boat Championship (A Division Boys DB10 2nd Runners' Up)
2012 - NUS Run Row Race Competition (Individual Women's Open 2nd Runner's Up)
2012 - NTU Ex-Physique Competition (JC Shield Challenge 2nd Runner's Up)

2013 - National Inter School Dragon Boat Championship - combined girls' team with ODAC, achieved 2nd Runners' Up in A Division DB12.

2014 - NUS Legs and Paddle Competition: achieved 1st place and 2nd runners' up in Women's Open, 2nd place in Men's Open.

Other Activities:
We have our Annual General Meeting in January to elect the new committee and to thank the old committee for their contribution in the past year. This year this coincided with the Chinese New Year celebrations.

We had also participated in the Milo Triathlon in 2009 and 2010.

Students also carry out Community Involvement Programme (CIP) and Service Learning Projects. In 2009, members visited old folks staying in the nearby rental flats. They learnt that there are still a large number of needy people around us. In 2010, the students volunteered for Singapore Heart Foundation’s activities. Some helped in their public canvassing efforts, some helped to plan other projects. In 2011, the students volunteered at St. Luke Eldercare (Ayer Rajah). In 2012, and 2013  the students participated in Project Sphere, in collaboration with HDB to visit needy homes. (They did basic cleaning, painting of the living room and doorways). This year we look forward to volunteer with Public Utilities Board on Water Issues.

Organizational Structure:
  1. Teacher In-Charge: Mr Jeryl Sim
  2. Coach: Mr Lau Wee Hong
  3. Captains: Koh Benz 
  4. Vice Captain: Chang Ting Wei Jason 
  5. Group ICs: Girls' IC - Marabeth Kwa, Junior Team IC: Tan Qi En, Freshie Team IC: Natalie Devan
  6. Quarter Masters: Reif Hwang
Training Days:

Off-Season Training:  Monday (1400 – 1700), Friday (1400 – 1700)

Pre-Season Training:  Monday (1400 – 1700), 
Wed (1200 – 1300, Fitness Training), Friday (1400 – 1700), 

On-Season Training:  Monday (1400 – 1700), Tuesday (1400 – 1700), Friday (1400 – 1700),  (alternate between physical training and gym)

Interested Students please contact Mr Jeryl Sim or any of the EXCO.

How the Canoe Polo is played
   At the beginning….

senior chasing ball.JPG
….Two opposing Chasers to rush for the ball!
senior receiving.JPG
Communication and passing skills are important in maintaining possession (Senior Boys Team)
NTU 3on3 Junior Boys.JPG
Maintaining focus in the game is important!  (Junior Boys Team)
NTU 3on3 Girls2.JPG
Moving to attack position (Girls Team)
NTU 3on3 Girls 1.JPG
Attempting to shoot (Girls Team)
girl shot.JPG
Opposing Defense (Girls Team)
girl defense.JPG
Our Defense (Girls Team)
NTU 3on3 Girls  advantage.JPG
Girls Team with a 3 on 1 advantage
NTU 3on3 Junior Girls Champions.JPG
Our Junior Girls Champions for NTU 3 on 3 Competition 2010


National Canoe Polo Championship (Women's Team 2013)

Other Activities:

NTU 3on3 Group.JPG
NTU 3 on 3 2010 Group Photo

“Freshies” at Milo Triathlon 2010    
CNY Celebrations
    CPworkshop brief.jpg

Canoe Polo Clinic


Dragon Boat 2012

nus legs and paddle team 2014.jpg
NUS Run Row Race 2014

team building game 2.jpg
Team Building Games

Water Sports CCA 2013