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When the NUS High School Tennis CCA started in 2005, there were only seven members. Since then, it has grown to about 40 members now.

The team has been training under the guidance of Coach Aadhi Nandu, previously a national player for India. Through various drills that train aspects required in tennis such as consistency, power, accuracy and speed, the team has been constantly improving and honing their skills. There are also various exercises designed to improve the fitness and stamina of the players.

The players in both A and B divisions (equivalent to JC 1 and 2 and Secondary 3 and 4) do take part in the National Inter-School Tennis Championships every year. Friendly matches are also organized occasionally to give our players match experience.
Training sessions are conducted on Monday and Friday afternoons, rain or shine. Besides the training sessions, we also organise team-bonding activities such as camps to build teamwork and rapport among teammates. 


To bring the standard of tennis to the highest level and help character building through developing core values: teamwork, responsibility, sportsmanship and perseverance for all players.
    1.To promote the game and increase standard of play in the team.
    2.To strengthen team spirit and character building
    3.To maintain a high level of games and enjoy the game as a lifetime activity.
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Tennis CCA Photo
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Playing games during Tennis Camp
Playing Captain's Ball during Tennis Camp