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NUS High Basketball team’s vision is to strive to improve our team’s standard of basketball through teamwork and camaraderie, and to provide a holistic and balanced growth for individual members. In order to achieve this, strong emphasis is placed on training hard, playing hard and looking out for one another, while each bringing our individuality together to move the team forward. Through frequent team practices under the supervision of an experienced basketball coach, camps and events, we seek to foster lasting brotherly bonds between the members while improving at the sport. Additionally, members of the team are actively involved in Community Involvement Projects in order to provide opportunities to learn to serve the community.


NUS High Basketball is a holistic and well-rounded approach to complement the educational system in our school, and invaluable life lessons can be acquired throughout the course of the basketball program.



This year, in 2015, all members from the A, B and C Divisions are provided opportunities to participate in various competitions, including the C and B Division National Basketball Competition (West Zone), and the Division Community Basketball League (CBL) for the A and B Division. Other than official competitions, all members are actively encouraged to participate in other kinds of sports carnivals and non-official basketball challenges, such as various 3-on-3 tournaments. For a more well-rounded development of our players, several representatives are sent to official referee training courses or first aid courses organized by the school or external organizations.