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School Orchestra

Motto: Many Sounds, One Heart, One Orchestra

Expected Qualities : responsibility, enthusiasm, reflective, integrity, passion, positive attitude, musicianship


Members will:
(a) foster music appreciation and understanding (Cultural)
(b) have an avenue for emotional expressions (Recreational)
(c) develop intuitive and discriminating listeners (Educational)
(d) lend color and atmosphere to community (Service)
(e) interact positively as responsible members (Citizenship)

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School Orchestra

The NUS High School Orchestra is one of the most well-established co-curricular activities.  It aims to enrich the cultural scene within our school by exposing students to the various musical traditions of the world; of course, not forgetting the fun bonding sessions with music, concert outings, and tons of food.  School Orchestra is definitely an integral part of school life and is one of the means to promote the school’s music curriculum.  Under the guidance, supervision and baton of the NUS High Music & Art Department Head, Dr Emilia Wong, School Orchestra has been able to rise to a new level in terms of profile, level of excellence, musicality and discipline. 
In 2005, a humble beginning with no musical instruments…but only 9 members. Thus, the NUS High School String ensemble was born serving as the main pillar of support for the musical performances within our campus and external events such as Dr Ng Eng Hen’s farewell dinner at Shangri-La Hotel.  The string ensemble has built the solid foundation and reputation for the orchestra.

In 2006, we obtained instruments at long last when MOE gave us the formation funds for Band Instruments.  The band evolved into an orchestra as more members joined the group. (FAQ: What’s the difference between School Band and Orchestra? School Band consists of Winds, Brass and Percussion. Orchestra has an additional String Family.

The largest group of the performing arts CCA, School Orchestra makes it appearances in various important activities and events within the school such as the School’s Speech Day, Convocation, CNY celebrations, Music Awareness Day and the year-end ArtsFest concerts to name a few.  Many of its members have also gone out to various locations to perform such as “The Oriental” at Esplanade Concourse and the British High Commission—all by invitation.  Since its inception in 2005, the NUS High School Orchestra has grown eight-fold from a mere 9 members to as many as 84-strong.


The School Orchestra is open to all interested students (preferably with instrumental background) who demonstrate the desire, the passion, ability and proper attitude to be a member of the group. Students desiring membership must audition for membership, approval from the Head of CCA and the Teacher-In-charge. Students will be placed at the discretion of the teacher. It should be understood that everyone will have an equal and fair opportunity for orchestra participation. However, from time to time, it may become necessary to exclude or dismiss those students who fail to meet the orchestra standards. 


The greatest single factor that will determine the success of any individual or organization is attitude. It takes intense dedication to reach goals. Students should learn to discipline themselves to practice daily on fundamentals in concentrated and routine practice. The "right attitude" must be present along with sincerity, concentration, and dedication as the basic foundation. Such an attitude makes an artistic performance inevitable and is the factor which makes the difference between a quality organization and a mediocre group. You who are in orchestra are a favored few. 

Because of the nature of the organization, discipline must, of necessity, be strict. Student must be willing to accept the ideals, principles, and rules of the organization. Because orchestra members are constantly on public display, each member must always be aware of the importance of good behavior. Any misconduct casts a direct reflection on the orchestra and school and may well undo the good work of many students. Any student who casts discredit on the orchestra by their conduct or actions, either at school or on a trip, shall be subject to dismissal from the orchestra in addition to other disciplinary action by the school. 


On 29 April 2009, our String Ensemble participated for the 1st time in the Singapore Youth Festival (SYF) Secondary School Division and has made our school proud with a “BRONZE”.  Twenty-five students (Years 1-4) of varied musical backgrounds went on a challenging performance against 14 very experienced schools in this SYF.
On 28 April 2011, Team A String Ensemble (Secondary Category) comprised of 16 students made our school proud with a “BRONZE”; and Team B String Ensemble (JC Category) comprised of 20 students earned a “SILVER.”

School Orchestra Participations:
Small Scale Performances:
Speech Day 
Seasonal Celebrations (e.g. CNY)
Open House
CCA Fair
Singapore International Mathematical Challenge (SIMC)
Ad Hoc performances for visitors
Music Awareness Day (M.A.D.)
NUS High School National Day Parade  
Combined CCA Concert: Colorfusion 
Aesthetic Appreciation Program
Ritsumeikan High School Band Exchange
Big Scale Performances 
Pianissimo Concert 2007
“The Oriental” Esplanade Concourse 2008
The Sound of Music Concert 2009
Vivace Concert 2010
Odyssey Concert 2011
Montage de Vita 2012
Music-in-the-City @ Ngee Ann City Civic Plaza, 2012
Trionfante 2014
Simple Gifts 2015
Di Nuovo Concert 2016
Con Brioso 2017
Voyage 2018



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Trionfante Concert 2014

 String Ensemble


School Orchestra in concert Simple Gifts

 Dr Wong, Conductor & Teacher-in-Charge

more concerts....

String Ensemble in Aesthetic Appreciation Program

Many Sounds, One Heart, One Orchestra