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Dance Club

Motto: To watch us dance is to hear our hearts speak.

Dance Club

The NUS High Dance Club is one of the most vibrant CCAs offered in NUS High School, with a lineup of performances each year for a diversity of events. It is an intrinsic part of the school's cultural scene, allowing NUS High students to experience firsthand the beauty and intricacy of dance, and the art of expression that underlies.

Founded in 2005 with less than ten members, the dance club has grown to over thirty members with a variety of backgrounds, be it with a strong foundation in ballet, Hip hop, or Latin dancing. Some even joined with no prior experience, but the passion and enthusiasm for the arts spurred them to hone their techniques. From then, the dance club has experimented with many genres, and each dancer that has joined us has grown in both technique and maturity in their unique way.

The dance club livens up the atmosphere at many events such as CNY Celebrations, Speech Day, Open House, and many more, or national events held on our premises, such as the Singapore International Mathematics Challenge (SIMC), and the Sustainable Development Youth Convention (SDYC). Also, the dance club takes part in many external events such Music in the City @ Ngee Ann Plaza, offering its members various experiences and opportunities.


In 2007, we sent our first participating team for the Singapore Youth Festival (SYF) International Dance category for JC schools, competing against many experienced dance teams of other schools. The dancers did us proud by clinching a “Silver” award.

In 2009, we took part in this prestigious competition once again with a secondary school team, and won the “Gold” award through our immense efforts.


Again we participated in the SYF International Dance category for Secondary schools in 2011, and achieved  a “Silver”. 

Once again in 2013, we participated in the SYF Arts Presentation International Dance category for Secondary schools with a dynamic piece and clinched a "Distinction". 

In 2015, 10 of our junior dancers participated in the SYF Arts Presentation Chinese Dance category for Secondary schools and clinched accomplishment.


In this CCA, having a dance background is not mandatory, even though it'll make the process of learning and picking up choreographies easier. The dance club welcomes interested students who have self-discipline and the willingness to work hard to learn, practise on their own and most importantly, improve themselves. Commitment is of utmost importance in this CCA, as trainings are often of higher intensity when the performance or competition dates draw near. As such, passion and hard work will definitely bring a dancer far in his or her journey in this art. 


SYF  2007 



SYF 2009


Chinese New Year  2011



SYF 2011


Color Fusion 2011
Speech Day 2012



SYF Arts Presentation 2013
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Color Fusion 2013
Chinese New Year 2014
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SYF Arts Presentation 2015
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