Speech is power: speech is to persuade, to convert, to compel.” 
Ralph Waldo Emerson


From Cicero to Churchill to Obama, history’s greatest orators have managed to captivate audiences and move mountains with nothing more than words. The NUS High School Gavel/Debate Club is committed to nurturing young talents in the field of public speaking and debate. With over 50 members across two sectors, the Gavel/Debate Club provides a fun and engaging curriculum to appeal to all who have interest in the art of oratory, persuasion, rhetoric and debate. NUS High School Gavel/Debate Club is also affiliated with Toastmaster’s international.

The Club is divided into two sectors: the Gavel sector, which was initiated in 2005 and the Debate sector, which was initiated in 2006.

Table of Achievements

2012   20132014
Gavel2nd Place - Singapore  Inter Gavel Club  Speech Competitions (SIGCSC)

 Semi-Finalist - Plain  English Speaking Awards
Champion - National Public Speaking Competition 

Bronze Honour Roll - Plain English Speaking Awards

4th Place - ACJC Orators Trophy

Champion - RI Ad-Liberation Campaign
Champion - National Public Speaking Competition (JC Category)

 5th, 8th Place - National Public Speaking Competition (Secondary Category)

 2nd Place - SIGCSC (International Round)

 3rd Place - SIGCSC (Impromptu Round)
DebateOverall Div II  Champion - Singapore  Secondary School  Debating Championships  (SSDCs)

 3rd Place - Singapore  International Affairs  Debate (SIAD)
Div I - SSDCs

 2nd Place - SIAD 

1st Runner Up - ValidITEs
Quarter Finalist
Div I - SSDCs

Quarter-Finalist - MOE ACJC Intercollegiate Debates

Teachers I/C
Ms Caroline Gordon -
Ms Aisha Farhana -

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