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Chess Club

The NUS High School Chess club consists of 2 groups, the Chinese Chess group and the International Chess group.

During weekly chess club meetings, members are taught by external coaches. The coaches explore new ideas in chess, guide members along to reach their maximum potential. Senior members will pair up with the junior members as buddies and coach them. Friendly matches are played at the end of the session. This is an opportunity for members to implement new ideas in their games and improve their play.  This creates an excellent environment for the members to learn chess. Each member of the club will have the opportunity to join at least one competition. Competitions help members to gain experience in competitive play and to improve their play.

Of all the competitions that the club took part in the past few years, we have won several competitions. Some of our recent achievements are listed below:

Won 3rd placing (U13 Girls) – 65th National Schools Individual Chess Championships 2013

Won 3rd placing (U18 Girls) – 66th National Schools Individual Chess Championships 2014

Won 2nd placing (U14) – 19th Char Yong Cup 2014
Won 3rd placing (U18 Girls) - 67th National Schools Individual Chess Championships 2015
Won 1st placing (U18 Boys) - 20th Char Yong Cup 2015

Of course, members do not just learn and play chess. They also plan and host competitions in the school. Also, senior members take on the role of coaching the younger members. Last but not least, members of the club also do their part for the community by engaging in meaningful community involvement programmes such as providing coaching for the children at the children’s homes.

The Russian Grandmaster of International Chess, Mikhail Botvinnik, once said, “Chess is the art which expresses the science of logic.” Though seemingly very easy to learn, it is surprisingly hard to master as there are thousands of variations, thus making it an intellectually challenging game. Join us for a journey that stretches your intellectual potential to the maximum!