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Art Club


The Art Club is a place where students with a shared interest in art gather and create works. It has now grown to a current membership size of 50 members from Y1 to Y6. Our leaders work hard to develop a closely-knit community of creative thinkers and passionate learners. Most of all, it is a place where friendships are forged.

Enrichment Programme:

The Art Club programme provides opportunities for members to develop character, leadership, team spirit and responsibility through various activities/events like Art Camp, Aesthetic Appreciation Programme, CCA Fair, Music and Art Appreciation Day, Open House, Speech Day and visits to the National Museum and Singapore Art Museum.

The Art Club programme has broad-based activities with opportunities to specialise as well. Students can choose to participate in the following enrichment activities based on their interest:

Monday 4-6 pm

  • Ceramics
  • Fashion Design
  • Origami
  • Paper- Cutting



The Art Club encourages members to participate in competitions and/or exhibitions for further learning and exposure.

  • Students exhibited their works at Esplanade along with local and international artists.
  • Students came in 2nd place in the Releafing Gaia Competiton.
  • Students won the Merit prize with the Living aRRRt from Urban Waste Competition.


They are also encouraged to undertake projects such as Service Learning and Music & Art Awareness Day that allow them to develop skills and competencies relevant for the 21st C.

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Art Camp
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