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Co-Curricular Activities

Participation in CCAs is a necessary component of a holistic education. CCAs provides opportunities for character and leadership development and promotes the acquisition and application of social and co-operative skills. Students will learn the value of discipline, teamwork, responsibility and commitment.

CCAs are considered a core but non-examinable module at the High School. Each student must participate in one CCA.

Students who enter at Year 3 may

  • Continue with their CCAs in their former Secondary School only if the CCA is a uniformed group and it is not offered in NUS High School. Such students will be encouraged to take on a second CCA under the list of Clubs and Societies. This is to ensure that the student interacts with others in the School outside academia.
  • Change their CCAs when they join the High School.

The CCA offered in NUS High School are:

Performing Arts Clubs and Societies
High School Choir
Chinese Orchestra Chess Club
Dance Club Gavel/Debate Club
Drama Club Journalism Club
School Orchestra
Media Club

Robotics Club
Youth Flying Club

Sports & Games
Uniformed Group
Badminton NCC Land
Basketball Scouts
Football St. John's Brigade
Outdoor Adventure Club (Year 5 & 6 only)
Table Tennis
Track & Field
Water Sports (Year 3 to 6 only)