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Boarding Fees

Student Accommodation (Per student)
Per Day Per Month
4 Weeks
Per Term
10 Weeks
NUS High Students(2 bedded) $28.30 $770 $1,925
Non-NUS High Students(2 bedded) $36.40 $990 $2,475
Non-refundable registration fee $50
Refundable deposit 1 month's fee

Boarding fees are payable per term. Each term begins on the first day of school for the term and ends on the last Friday of school for the term. Holiday stay will be charged on a daily basis.

Rates cover the following:

1. Room

2. Utilities & Internet access

3. Laundry

4. Meals(breakfast and dinner on weekdays; for weekends and public holidays, lunch is included)

5. Special programmes and various activities

6. 24-hour security



Scheduled Date

Collecting For


14 Feb 2020

Term 1 boarding fee, plus deposit (if any)


3 Apr 2020

Term 2 boarding fee, plus Mar holiday boarding fee (if any)


9 Jul 2020

Term 3 boarding fee, plus Jun holiday boarding fee (if any)


25 Sep 2020

Term 4  boarding fee, plus Sep holiday boarding fee (if any)

Students who hold valid student passes and are above 12 years old are welcome to apply for stay at the Boarding School.

For Year 5 students only

The Ministry of Education will be providing a substantial Boarding Programme Funding for all Singapore Citizens and Permanent Residents. Details of the subsidy will be informed during the Year 4 Parent’s Meeting at the end of the year. The amount of subsidy is dependant on the Ministry of Education’s provision for the year.

To assist financially needy students to defray the cost of their Yr 5 residential stay, NUS High School will provide a subsidy for students who are currently under the Ministry of Education Financial Assistance Scheme or who qualify according to its eligibility criteria.

Table A: Income Eligibility Criteria using the Financial Assistance Scheme for NUS High School Students

Monthly GHI

Monthly PCI


Not exceeding


Not exceeding $690

  • 100% schooand miscellaneous fees subsidy
  • Free textbooks and school attir(secondary); $90bursary (pre-university)
  • Full subsidy for exafees1
  • Transport subsidy:  $120 in transport credits per annum (or $10 per month)
  • School Meals Programme for secondary school level at $2.50 x 10 meals per week

$2,751 - $4,000

$691 $1,000

90% school and miscellaneoufees subsidy

$4,001 - $6,900

$1,001 - $1,725

70% school and miscellaneoufees subsidy

$6,901 - $9,000

$1,726 - $2,250

33% school and miscellaneous fees subsidy

1 Exam fees for GCE O and A levels have been waived for all Singapore Citizen pupils from 2015.

The pupil needs to satisfy either the Gross Household Income (GHI) or the Per Capita Income (PCI) criterion. PCI is computed based on the GHI divided by the number of members in the household (including parents, siblings and grandparents).

If the PCI criterion is used and the household members include grandparents or other dependents, copies of their NRICs are to be submitted to prove that they are living at the same address.   If child dependents are included, relevant legal documents are required to prove that they are under the custody of the family.

Pupils who wish to apply for ISB are to submit the application form together with relevant documents. The School will inform pupils on the outcome of their applications.

The MOE ISB application form can be obtained here or at the General Office.

For information on Ministry of Education (MOE) Independent School Bursary (ISB), you can visit MOE website at: http://www.moe.gov.sg/initiatives/financial-assistance/