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About Us

Boarding History

NUS High Boarding School opened its door on 20 Dec 2005 and welcomed its first boarders on 26 Dec 2005. A 12-storey block, 416 bed facility set in the NUS High School Campus, the Boarding School was envisaged to provide boarding experience for all NUS High School students through a compulsory one year stay at Year 5 of their study. Initially called NUS High School Residence, the Boarding School was re-named NUS High Boarding School at the end of 2007 to reflect the Boarding programme piloted by the Ministry of Education for 2008.

Boarding Staff

Mrs Lee Bee Yann 

Mr. Clifton Koh 
Deputy Principal 

Mrs. Doreen Gan
Deputy Principal

Mr. Wong Chee Khiam
Manager (Operations)

Mr. Joseph Giri
Boarding Master

Mr. Timothy Foo
Boarding Executive

Ms. Cheong Sook Cheng Susan
Boarding Executive (Programmes)

Ms. Shahira Bte Amat Amin
Assistant Boarding Executive

Mr. Chue Tang Ming Edmund
Principal Estate Officer