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International Mathematics & Science Olympiad

The International Mathematics and Science Olympiad (IMSO) is an annual competition in Math and Science for primary school students. NUS High School of Mathematics and Science (NUS High School) has been appointed by the Gifted Education Branch (GEB), Ministry of Education (MOE) to be the Lead Agency for IMSO since 2011, tasked with the selection and training of IMSO national team. The Singapore Team has consistently done exceptionally well!

NUS High School will shortlist the top 20 individual winners of NMOand SPSO to join the IMSO Mathematics and Science training teams respectively. These shortlisted students will undergo special training conducted by NUS High School teachers, of which 12 official participants would eventually be selected to be in each of the Math and Science national teams respectively. Details of the two competitions are as below. These students will have the rare honour of not only representing their school but Singapore in an international competition. 
For more information, please visit NMOS and SPSO websites:
Information related to participation in IMSO:
  • To represent Singapore in IMSO, contestant must be a Primary 5 student and less than 13 years old (Singaporean or PR) by the competition dates.
  • Airfare, accommodation and insurance will be fully funded by Ministry of Education (MOE).
  • There will be four NUS High School teachers accompanying the 12 participants.

We look forward to your participation.
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