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Da Vinci Programme

One of the keystone programmes in NUS High School, the Da Vinci programme is a six-year programme which complements the school’s core curriculum in developing the scientific minds of our students.

It aims to develop skills for research, innovation and enterprise in multiple disciplines, and to nurture students’ appreciation and understanding of the multi- and inter-disciplinary nature of knowledge and research so that they can be a polymath on the frontier of research and innovation in this fast-changing world.

The programme provides differentiated training with structured activities in the Foundation years and elective modules in the Advancement years. In the Foundation years, students will undergo training in innovation and enterprise, problem-solving skills as well as inter- & multi-disciplinary studies. Elective modules in Design & Engineering and Science Communication are also offered to students.

To prepare them for research work, all students are required to take the Research Methodology module as they embark on their first research project, which can be done as early as in Year 1. There is also a Laboratory Experience module during the Advancement years for students to gain greater exposure to and an understanding of a wider range of research fields before they embark on their Advanced Research Project in their Specialisation years. The successful completion of the Advanced Research Project (ARP) in the field of mathematics, science or engineering is one of the graduation requirements of our High School.

In keeping with our objective of nurturing a vibrant and fertile ground for research and innovation, students are always encouraged to interact with their peers, both local and international, and exchange ideas through oral and poster presentations at local and overseas science fairs and conferences. All students’ research will culminate in a project presentation at our annual NUS High School Research Congress.

Throughout the course of their research projects, students will be guided by Research Teachers at NUS High School. Many of our students may also have the privilege of being co-mentored by scientists or academicians in tertiary or research institutes.

We are fortunate to have many partners supporting the Da Vinci programme. Our key partners include the Singapore Science Centre, DSO National Laboratories, DSTA and the Agency for Science, Technology and Research (A*STAR). In addition, we are also supported by various schools and faculties from the National University of Singapore, with whom we provide a multitude of research opportunities for our students through the Science Training-In-Action (SCIENTIA) Programme, a programme which allows us to tap into the expertise and resources of the various NUS faculties for research mentorship.

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