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Principal's Message

Ms Soh Lai Leng Magdalen.jpg
Welcome to NUS High School of Mathematics and Science!

In a span of just 16 years, NUS High has established herself as a touchstone of math and science education around the world. Our alumni are pursuing their aspirations in top universities both locally and overseas. Our students continue to do us proud on the international stage and at the national level. The remarkable successes of this young institution are the result of the pioneering efforts of the NUS High Family; the Board, the former and current principals, staff, parents and alumni have worked hard to create a vibrant, innovative learning environment where students are both challenged and supported.

While our students are availed of a unique and customised education in math and science, their talents in the languages, humanities and the arts are also nurtured. Our co-curricular activities, student-initiated subject interest groups and special programmes provide a whole school experience that enables our students to become well-rounded learners. Underpinned by a rich and varied curriculum, research institutes, tertiary institutions and overseas partners provide authentic learning opportunities to better the learning experiences for our students as they Experiment, Explore and Excel within and beyond the classrooms.

Our School Values - Wonderment, Integrity, Service, Excellence and Resilience with Humility - are at the heart of everything that we do. Our students are encouraged to explore their interests, further their passions and strive to excel in both STEM and non-STEM areas. The level-wide Values-in-Action activities and the Humanitarian Education Programme reaffirm our commitment to serve our community; our students harness their math and science talents to contribute to the society-at large with humility. The NUS High culture is built upon our School Values as it is imperative that, alongside academic excellence, our students are groomed to be responsible, resilient and empathetic citizens.

Our vision is to groom future-ready Pioneers, Humanitarians and Innovators for the world, Indeed, NUS High is a place of discovery and growth and I believe that the holistic education that our students receive will help them develop a spirit of independence, resilience and confidence that will enable them to thrive in a rapidly-changing world.

Experiment, Explore Excel!

Soh Lai Leng Magdalen (Ms)