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Our Staff

NUS High School Staff 

NUS High School has more than 100 academic staff as well as 40 administrative and support staff. More than 50% of our academic staff holds a PhD or a Master degree. Our highly qualified teachers bring with them a wealth of experience from various backgrounds. This diversity helps to enrich our students’ learning experience. By mentoring students and providing one-to-one guidance and counselling on academic work, research as well as personal issues, our teachers create a supportive community for our students to discover and realise their full potential.

  Ms Soh Lai Leng Magdalen   Principal
  Mr Goh Hock Leong   Deputy Principal (Academic)
  Mr Koh Siew Boon Clifton   Deputy Principal (Student Development)
  Mrs Doreen Gan
  Deputy Principal (Admin)
  Ms Koh Siok Bee Head, Chemistry
  Dr Teh Yun Ling Assistant Head, Chemistry
  Mr Murali Krishnaswamy Head, Student Leadership; Head, Discipline
  Ms Chong Ai Lin Head, Strategic Communications and  Outreach; Head, Stakeholder Engagement 
  Mrs Soong-Tan Seck Cher Senior Teacher  
  Mr Yeo Shyh Yuan Don Lead Teacher
  Dr Li Wei Senior Consultant
  Mr Lee Kim Hun Teacher
  Mrs Khoo-Teo Yew Mei Grace Teacher
  Dr Seow Nianjia  Teacher / Outreach Educator
  Dr Maury Julien Jean Pierre Assistant Head, Research, Innovation and Enterprise
  Dr Flora Soh Shu Fang Teacher
  Ms Zhong Jingyi Assistant Head, Chemistry
  Ms Ng Yu Rui Assistant Head, Student Wellbeing
  Ms Huang Huan Xin Assistant Head, Chemistry
  Mr Wong Teck Hee Teacher 
  Ms Pek Lay Pheng Principal Laboratory Technologist
  Ms Loo Koh Lee Senior Laboratory Technologist
  Mr Lew Andrew Delfin Reyes Laboratory Technologist

  Physics & Engineering
  Mr Poh Boon Hor   Head, Physics & Engineering
  Ms Lim Jia Hui   Assistant Head, Physics & Engineering
  Ms Teo Geok Hon Sheryl   Assistant Head, Physics & Engineering
  Mr Tan Soon Kee @ Hariz Tan   Senior Teacher
  Mr Soh Kwan Seng Clifton   Senior Teacher
  Dr Bernard Ricardo    Senior Consultant
  Mr Lim Yeow Heng   Teacher
  Dr Ng Tiong Eng   Teacher
  Mr Yuen Xiang Hao   Teacher
  Ms Lim Li Chen   Teacher
  Ms Yenny Wijaya   Teacher
  Ms Kok Hui Ching   Assistant Head, ICT
  Mr Tan Guan Seng   Assistant Head, Discipline
  Mr Silas Yeem Kai Ean  Teacher  
  Mr Ho Jun Hao Kenneth       Teacher / Outreach Educator 
  Mr Joseph Tan Jit Bin   Principal Laboratory Technologist
  Mr Riduwan B Gafoor   Senior Laboratory Technologist
  Mr Desmond Lim Beng Chong   Senior Laboratory Technologist

  Dr Tang Hock Chun   Head, Biology
  Ms Ng Oon Hui   Assistant Head, Biology
  Dr Low Kai Leng   Assistant Head, Biology
  Ms Chan Jing-Ning Ruth   Head, Curriculum / Year Head
  Dr Huang Sinong   Head, Humanitarian Education
  Ms Fong Kit Ching   Senior Teacher
  Ms Lim Suat Fong Valerie   Year Head
  Dr Seoh Kah Huat Robin   Teacher
  Ms Woo Yok Lin Verlyn   Teacher
  Mr Lee Siak Cheong   Teacher
  Mrs Fernandez Kalpana   Year Head
  Ms Renata Triani   Teacher
  Ms Cheong Yoke Fun   Senior Laboratory Technologist
  Ms Ameryn Dahnia Bte Mohd Zaili    Laboratory Technologist
  Ms Rachel Goh Hui Qi   Laboratory Technologist

  Mathematics & Statistics
  Mr Chen Hong Ming Head, Mathematics & Statistics
  Ms Lee Sheau Huey Teacher 
  Mr Goh Shu Liang Assistant Head, Head, Mathematics & Statistics
  Mr Tan Boon Keong Head, Assessment
  Mr Chai Ming Huang Royce Assistant Head, RIE
  Mr Lim Teck Choow Assistant Head, RIE
  Dr Lee Chan Lye Senior Teacher
  Mr Teoh Yeow Hwee Joel Senior Teacher
  Mr Low Chin Han Assistant Head, Head, Mathematics & Statistics
  Mr Wang Haibin
Senior Consultant
  Ms Joyce Seow Chwee Loon Senior Teacher
  Ms Jiang Zewei Vivian Assistant Head, ICT
  Mr Ku Ching Ming Teacher
  Mr Chia Vui Leong Teacher
  Mr Tan Rui Feng Teacher
  Mrs Liu-Ye Xiajuan Teacher
  Mr Chan Yu Ming Teacher
  Mr Lim Jun Yang Leonard Teacher 
  Ms Ooi Liu Qi Teacher 
  Mr Herman Chua Jia He Teacher 

  Computer Science
  Ms Chew Shuhui Phylliscia    Head, Computer Science
  Mr Ng Chee Loong   Head, Talent Development
  Mr Claude Chua Eng Siong   Teacher
  Mr Li Da   Senior Consultant
  Mr Teo Chee Yong Shawn   Teacher 

  Ms Lim Ing Chieh Rebekah   Head, Humanities (Geography)
  Ms Chua Bann   Head, CCE & Counselling (History)
  Mrs Chen Zhaoyan Madeline   Teacher (Geography)
  Ms Irene Poh    Teacher (Geography)
  Mr Loh Ping Shun 
  Teacher (History) 
  Ms Tong Boon Yee   Teacher (Economics)
  Mr Alex Kwee Yeow Teck   Assistant Head, Humanities

  Mother Tongue & Foreign Languages
  Dr Li Liangzi Head, Mother Tongue & Foreign Languages
  Mr Ho Kok Kiat  Assistant Head, Mother Tongue & Foreign Languages
  Ms Lim Puay See Assistant Head, Mother Tongue & Foreign Languages
  Mr Toh Chen Yeong
Senior Teacher
  Mr Wu Jiong Teacher
  Ms Dong Yanqin  Teacher
  Mr Xie Chuanling Teacher
  Mr Chua Chin Haw Teacher
  Ms Hilda Mak Hee Man Teacher
  Mr Lin Kuibin Teacher
  Mdm Polani Alavandar Latha Teacher (Tamil Language)
  Ms Rohaida Bte Ismail Teacher (Malay Language)
  Mrs Elizabeth Mariko Gomez Teacher (Foreign Language)

  English Language & Literature
  Ms Bay Wee Wen Head, English Language & Literature
  Ms Caroline Gordon Assistant Head, English Language &   Literature
  Ms Sofia Lau Wen Li Head, Staff Development
  Ms Ivy Koo
Dean, Junior High
  Ms Chan Yun-Zhi Eunice Dean, Senior High
  Ms Beji Dass Senior Teacher
  Ms Esther Vincent Xueming  Teacher
  Mr Eric Francis Tinsay Valles  Teacher
  Mr Lim Chong Shen Teacher
  Ms Asrina Bte Sani Teacher
  Mr Chin Kiane Yun Dustin Teacher
  Ms Chin Lee Pyin Melissa Teacher
  Ms Koh Mei Ying Genette Assistant Head, English Language &     Literature
  Ms Yuen Lilin SharaleeTeacher 

  Music & Art
  Dr Emilia Wong   Head (Music)
  Ms Chua Ngeah Sian   Teacher (Music)
  Mr Lee Wee Yan       Teacher (Art) 
  Ms Koh Wun Be Geneva   Teacher (Art)
  Mr Syed Mahdar B Syed Othman   Senior Specialist Associate (Art)
  Physical Education
  Ms Angela Loh Lai Kiang   Head, Physical Education
  Mr Jeryl Sim Tze Yong   Teacher 
  Mr Fan Kai Ming   Teacher 
  Mr Loke Kok Fei
  Assistant Head, Physical Education
  Mr Norman Dominique Tse Y-Yin   Teacher
  Ms Kong Seow Yoke Annie 
  Research, Innovation & Enterprise
  Dr Chiam Sher-Yi   Head, Research, Innovation & Enterprise
  Mr Andre Jusuf   Teacher
  Mr Leong Kin Chong   Senior Laboratory Technologist
  Student Affairs
  Ms Van Li Hui   Manager, Student Affairs
  Ms Philomena Loh    Senior Executive 
  Ms Ang Sherna   Senior Executive, Student Affairs
  Ms Celestine d/o Arlando   Senior Executive, Student Affairs
  Mrs Sheela Peranandam
  Assistant Executive, Library
  Mrs Lynette Tan-Soon    Manager
  Ms Duong Thi Kim Hang Evelyn   Senior Executive
  Ms Teng Lwen Huang Ji Ann   Assistant Executive
  Human Resource
  Ms Chee Wei Fang   Manager
  Ms Ang Sherli   Assistant Manager
  Mr Timothy Foo Chee Wei  Senior Executive 
  Admissions & Recruitment
  Ms Van Li Hui   Manager
  Ms Mazni Bte Abdullah    Senior Executive
  Partnership & Internationalization
  Ms Sion Hwei Hoon   Manager
  Ms Tan Hiang Kiat   Assistant Manager
  Mr Allan Patrick Uy   College Counsellor
  Mrs Mala Balaji Swaminathan   College Counsellor
  Ms Jade Lee Ye Kee  Pastoral Counsellor
  Miss Koh Pei Fern Emily  Pastoral Counsellor
  Ms Chua Shuyi Sarah Elizabeth  Counsellor
  Ms Lim Siok Hwa Jenny   Assistant Executive
  Mr Wong Chee Khiam   Manager (Boarding Operations)
  Mr Joseph Giri Sri Krishnan   Boarding Master
  Ms Susan Cheong Sook Cheng  Senior Executive
  Ms Shahira Bte Amat Amin  Assistant Executive
  Mr Teo Chun Siong Alan   Manager
  Mr Ng Jin Guan   Assistant Manager, Estate
  Mr Chris Yap Chin Voon  Senior System Analyst
  Mr Tawfiq Sim Xin Wei  Senior System Engineer
  Mr Wang Anqiang  Senior System Engineer
  Mr Hay Yong Huat  Principal Estate Officer
  Mr Leong Chun Chiew Johnny  Senior Estate Officer
  Mr Mohd Yacob Bin Abdullah  Estate Officer