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International and Regional Competitions

Name of CompetitionAchievement
International Youth Physics Tournament New Zealand 1st Place (Team)
International Chemistry Olympiad2 Gold    
International Medicine Olympiad 2 Gold, 2 Silver         
International Biology Olympiad2 Silver 
International Olympiad in Informatics2 Silver, 3 Bronze, 1 Participation 
Asia-Pacific Mathematical Olympiad 1 Bronze, 1 Honourable Mention 
Asia-Pacific Informatics Olympiad 2 Silver, 3 Bronze, 1 Participation 
Australian Informatics Olympiad  6 Silver, 7 Gold
European Physics Olympiad 1 Bronze, 3 Honourable Mention 
British Biology Olympiad 17 Gold, 13 Silver, 8 Bronze, 14 Highly Recommended, 6 Commendation 
UK Biology Challenge 21 Gold, 23 Silver, 6 Bronze, 6 Highly Recommended, 3 Commendation 
UK Intermediate Biology Olympiad 21 Gold, 23 Silver, 6 Bronze, 6 Highly Recommended, 3 Commendation 

Local Competitions

Name of CompetitionAchievement
A*STAR Talent Search
Top Award (Student) and Top School
National Olympiad in Informatics Top School in both JC and Secondary School Category
Top Female Contestant
4 Top Award Positions (student)
8 Golds and 2 Silvers
National Schools Online Debating Championships (Dialogic) Grand Champion and Overall Best Speaker 
Singapore Mathematics Project Festival Junior Category: 2 Gold (including the Foo Kean Pew Memorial Prize), 1 Silver, 2 Bronze
Senior Category: 2 Silver, 3 Bronze, 1 HM. (1 Silver was done as an entry under Victoria Sch) 
The Sixth IRC Conference on Science, Engineering and Technology (IRC-SET) 2020 2 Best Presenter Awards and 1 Best Poster Award 
National Economics and Financial Management Challenge Third
 NUS ISE Business Analytics Case Competition2nd Place in Quantitative Round
3rd Place in Qualitative Round 
Live On Design Competition 2 Distinctions 
NUS Geography Challenge 3 Gold Awards, 1 Silver Award 
National Cadet Corps Outstanding Cadet Award Awarded 1 Outstanding Award 
SYF 2020 Art Exhibition (Cat A, B, C) Certificates of Accomplishment (2 Cat A, 2 Cat B and 1 Cat C) 
SYF 2020 The Youth Station Project - Original Songs Top 15 Songs 
 National Secondary Schools Chinese Mini-Fiction Creative Writing CompetitionBronze 
YDSP Science and Tech Camp Champions 
Singapore Young Physicist Tournament 
Senior Category: 2 Silvers
Junior Category: 2 Silvers
Cyberthon4 Commendation Awards 
Youth Cyber Exploration Programme 1st - 5th Positions 
Cyber Defender Discovery Camp 3rd and 5th Positions