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Achievement Montage

Besides the list of achievements below, do take a look at the achievement montage on our YouTube page. This gives an overview of the achievements that showcase our students' all rounded abilities in a diverse range of disciplines. We are also thankful to our staff and partners for investing their time and effort to nurture our students' passions and talents.

Experiment, Explore, Excel!

List of Achievements

Academic Achievements (Please scroll down to see the non-academic achievements)

International Competitions

Name of Competition Achievement
30th International Biology Olympiad
(Held in Hungary)
1 Silver
51st International Chemistry Olympiad
(Held in France)
1 Gold, 2 Silver
International Chemistry Tournament 6 Silver, 5 Special Prizes
31st International Olympiad in Informatics
(Held in Azerbaijan)
1 Silver
16th Asia-Pacific Informatics Olympiad 2 Silver
13th International Olympiad on Astronomy and Astrophysics
(Held in Hungary)
1 Bronze
50th International Physics Olympiad
(Held in Israel)
1 Gold 1 Silver 1 Bronze
20th Asian Physics Olympiad
(Held in Australia)
1 Silver 1 Bronze
3rd European Physics Olympiad
(Held in Latvia)
1 Silver, 1 Bronze, 1 Honourable Mention
32nd International Young Physicist Tournament
(Held in Poland)
1st (Team)
31st Asian Pacific Mathematics Olympiad 1 Silver
China Western Mathematical Invitation 2 Silver
Intel International Science and Engineering Fair 4th Grand Award (Material Science Category)
Tuymaada Olympiad 2019 5 Golds, 1 Bronze, 1 Honourable Mention, 2 Special Awards

Local Competitions

Name of Competition Achievement
National Science Challenge Champion
Singapore Junior Biology Olympiad 18 Gold, 21 Silver, 21 Bronze
Singapore Junior Chemistry Olympiad 2019 20 Gold, 7 Silver, 3 Bronze, 4 Merit
NYP-Swensen’s Ice Cream Challenge 1st Runner Up
Chemistry Game Show First place (Champion)
National Olympiad in Informatics 6 Gold, 4 Silver, 2 Special Awards, 2 School Awards
National Software Competition 9 Gold, 2 Silver
Cyberthon 2019 Overall Champion & Operating System Challenge, Web Service Challenge
Cyberdefenders 2019 Brain Hack Bronze Award
Splash Awards Champion
Singapore Games Creation Overall Champion and Merit Award
Face 2 Face Competition Top Overall Team Award, Individual Winner Award (4 - 6th Place)
Science Chronicles 2nd Place, Finalist
Global Affairs Quiz Challenge Second Prize and Outstanding Performance (Individual Debate)
Future Problem Solving 3rd, Honourable Mention
18th Inter-School National Scrabble Championships
Individual Event: C Division 3rd (Cup Category) ; 4th (Plate Category)
Team Event: C Division 2nd (Cup Category) ; B Division 1st (Bowl Category)
Marsiling Invitational Scrabble Competition 2019 2nd Place (B Div and C Div)
National Cashflow Competition Overall: 1st & 3rd; Post Sec: 1st
NTU Financial Expedition (FINEX) Competition Team: 1st & 3rd
River Valley Model United Nations Overall Best Delegation
Global Indian International School Model United Nations 2019 3 Verbal Commendations, 2 Best Position Papers, 2 Honourable Mentions, 3 Outstanding Delegates, 1 Best Delegate
Hwa Chong Conflict Resolution and Inquiry VIII 2 Verbal Commendations, 2 Honourable Mentions and 3 Best Delegates, Overall Best Delegation
28th Raffles Model United Nations 2 Verbal Commendations, 1 Honourable Mention, 1 Best Delegate
Dunman High Asean Plus Summit 3 Best Position Papers, 2 Honourable Mentions
12th International Model United Nations Conference 11 Verbal Commendations, 2 Best Position Papers, 2 Honourable Mentions, 1 Outstanding Delegate, 1 Best Delegate
Singapore Chinese Girls’ School Model United Nations Outstanding Delegate
Future Economic Forum 1 Verbal Commendation, 2 Best Position Papers, 1 Honourable Mention, 1 Outstanding Delegate, 1 Best Delegate
Singapore Mathematical Olympiad
School Category (Gold Award),
SMO (Junior): 28 Gold, 82 Silver, 73 Bronze and 35 Honourable Mention
SMO (Senior): 16 Gold, 39 Silver, 56 Bronze and 24 Honourable Mention
SMO (Open): 9 Gold, 12 Silver, 29 Bronze and 29 Honourable Mention
Singapore Math Project Festival 4 Gold, 2 Silver, 4 Bronze, 1 Foo Kean Pew Memorial Prize (Junior)
Singapore Math Society Essay Competition (Statistics) 3rd Place
Singapore Rubik's Cube Competition
First Runner-Up (3 x 3 x 3 Cube) (Team)
First Runner-Up (4 x 4 x 4 Cube) (Team)
NUS ISE Business Analytics Competition 1 First Place (Team), 2 3rd Places (2 Teams)
Singapore Statistics Competition 2nd Place
17th National Secondary Schools Chinese Creative Writing Competition 3rd Prize (Upper Sec) and 2nd Prize (Lower Sec)
13th National Secondary School Translation Competition Merit (Team Award, Secondary Section)
Raffles Institution Tamil Literary Competitions Overall Champion & 1st , 2nd , 4th & merit prizes
Kalamanjari – Youth day oratorical competition 2nd and 3rd prize
Mother’s Day competition 1st Prize
Kavimaalai - Poem Writing Competition 1st , 2nd & 3rd Prize
8th Inter-School mBoggle Competition 2019 (Malay Special Programme) Overall Champion (Group Category), 1st Prize & Consolation Prize (Individual Category)
Japanese Speech Contest 2019 3rd Prize
Open Call SYF 2019 Youth Station Project (Original Songs) Top 15 of the 2019 Youth Station Project – Original Songs
13th National Junior Watercolour Competition 1 Consolation (Top 33), 1 Highly Commended (Top 10), 1 Top 3 (3rd prize)
Young Illustrator Awards (Season 7) 2019 2nd Runner Up (Secondary School Category)
Singapore Young Physicist Tournament
Cat A: 1 Silver, 1 Bronze
Cat B: 2 Silver
Singapore Junior Physics Olympiad 17 Gold, 41 Silver, 54 Bronze, 85 Honourable Mention
Singapore Astronomy Olympiad 2 Gold, 5 Silver, 3 Bronze, 5 Honourable Mention
Singapore Science and Engineering Fair 5 Gold Awards, 5 Bronze Awards, 9 Merit Awards, 1 Special Award, and 1 Junior Scientist Award
A*STAR Talent Search 1st Prize (Student), 2 commendation awards(Student), Top Institution Award for School
Youth Science Conference 2019 5 Distinctions and 7 Merits
20th International Elementz Science Research Conference and Exhibition by AJC 2 Gold, 2 Silver, 2 Bronze

Non-Academic Achievements

Name of Competition Achievement
The National Young Leaders' Award 2 Merit Awards
Leadership and Service Award (By Outward Bound Singapore) Certificate of Achievement
Singapore Youth Festival Mixed Ensemble (JC) Certificate of Distinction
Singapore Youth Festival Choir (JC) Certificate of Distinction
Singapore Youth Festival Chinese Dance (Sec) Certificate of Distinction
Singapore Youth Festival String Ensemble (JC) Certificate of Commendation
National Inter-School Archery Championship Silver (BRSF Recurve Category B Div)
National School Games Taekwondo Championships 1st (C Division Male Poom)
National School Games West Zone Table Tennis Championships C Division Boys 4th Position
Jurong West Sec Sch Ultimate Frisbee Competition 1st (Team Boys),1st (Team Girls)
Astro Challenge 2nd Runner Up (Junior Team), Champion (Senior Team)
Astrigue 2nd Runner Up (Team) and Best Amazing Race Award
National Youth Weiqi Championship 3rd (Individual), 1st Runner Up (Team)
24th Char Yong Cup 7th Place
2nd KDF Charity National Weiqi Competition 2nd (Individual), 2nd runner up (Team)
10th National Zong Xiang Cup 4th Place
71st National Schools Individual Chess Championships 3 national medals, 15 zonal medals
60th National Inter-School Team Chess Championships 4 national medals, 24 zonal medals
28th Qiuping Cup National Weiqi Tournament 1st Position (Sec 3 & 4 Individual), 2nd Position (Sec 1 & 2 Team), 3rd Position (Sec 3 & 4 Team)
NCC Outstanding Cadet Award 2 Outstanding Cadet Awards
Singapore Amazing Flying Machine Competition 1st in Theory of Flight, 2nd for Creativity
Singapore Space Challenge Merit Award
First Aid and Home Nursing Competition 3rd Place (Girls) and 1st Place (Boys)