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Academic Competitions

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International and Regional

Name of Competition Achievement
59th International Mathematics Olympiad
(Held in Romania)
1 Silver
28th International Biology Olympiad
(Held in Iran)
1 Gold (10th in the world), 1 Silver
50th International Chemistry Olympiad
(Held in Slovakia & Czech Republic)
1 Gold (5th in the world), 1 Silver
49th International Physics Olympiad
(Held in Portugal)
3 Gold (4th in the world)
31st International Young Physicists’ Tournament
(Held in China)
1st (Team)
30th International Olympiad in Informatics
(Held in Japan)
1 Gold, 2 Silver
12th International Olympiad on Astronomy and Astrophysics
(Held in China)
All 5 national representatives are from NUS High
(results to be updated later)
2nd International Chemistry Tournament
(Held in Russia)
1st (Team), one 2nd Award, two 3rd Award
19th Asian Physics Olympiad
(Held in Vietnam)
2 Gold, 1 Bronze
China West Mathematical Invitational
(Held in China)
1 Gold
International Science and Engineering Fair
(Held in USA)
3rd Grand Prize Award
15th Asia Pacific Informatics Olympiad 2 Silver, 1 Bronze
Yakutia Science International Games
(Held in Republic of Sakha)
Grand Cup (Team)
Tuymaada Olympiad 2018
Absolute Winner (Junior Math), Best Female Participant (Senior Math), Best in Experiment (Junior Chemistry) 1 Gold, 4 Silvers, and 2 Bronzes

Yakutia International Science Fair
Gold Medal in Chemistry Gold, Silver, and Bronze Medals in Biology & Medical Sciences Best in Presentation
Kavics Cup
(Held in Hungary)
3rd Place
6th Singapore International Mathematics Challenge Champion
International Youth Science Forum 2018 1st Runner Up
International Biomedical Challenge 1 Gold, 5 Silver, 3 Bronze, Team 2nd Runner Up
Temasek Foundation International NUS STEP Brain Camp 2018 First Place in Research Paper, Second Place in Research Paper Presentation
Australian Informatics Olympiad 2017
(Held in Singapore)
15 Gold, 9 Silver, 2 Bronze
Asian Try Zero-G
(Held in Japan)
2 teams’ selected

Local Competitions

Name of Competition Achievement
A*STAR Talent Search 1st, 2nd and 3rd positions, Top Institution
Singapore Science and Engineering Fair 4 Gold, 6 Silver, 4 Bronze, 4 Merit
Singapore Mathematics Project Festival
1 Silver, 3 Bronze, 1 Honourable Mention (Junior Section)
2 Gold with Excellent Presentation, 2 Bronze, 1 Honourable Mention (Senior Section)
Singapore Biology Olympiad 2 Gold, 1 Silver, 6 Bronze
Singapore Junior Biology Olympiad 2nd (School)
Singapore Chemistry Olympiad 9 Gold, 9 Silver, 1 Bronze
Singapore Physics Olympiad 7 Gold, 7 Silver, 3 Bronze, 3 Honorary Mention
Singapore Young Physicists’ Tournament
2 Silver (Secondary Team)
1 Silver and 1 Bronze (JC Team)
National Olympiad for Informatics 4 Gold, 5 Silver, 1 Bronze
Ace of Coders
Champion (Secondary Category)
1st Runners up (JC Category)
Google Code Grand Prize Winner
GeekOut Boot Camp Member of Best Team, Best Individual Award
Cyber Defenders Discovery Camp Gold Award & Best Defender
Cross CTF Champions
Splash Awards Champion
National Infocomm Competition Data Analytics 1st Runner Up
Humanities & Social Sciences Research (HSSRP) 2 Published Papers in HSSRP Publication
Historical Scene Challenge Champion
Maethaavi 2018 TV Quiz Champion
Kavimaalai – Poem Writing Competition 1st, 2nd & 3rd
Raffles Institution Tamil Literary Competitions 1st and 4th prizes
West 1 and West 7 Cluster-Based Malay Language Narrative Writing Competition Champion
Singapore Rubik’s Cube Competition 2018 First Runner-Up in the 2 x 2 Cube (Team)
First Runner-Up in the 3 x 3 Cube (Team)
First Runner-Up in the 4 x 4 Cube (Team)
Creative and Heuristic Applications of Science Champion
13th Singapore National Crystal Growing Challenge 1st Runner Up (Senior Category)
NYP-Swensen’s Ice Cream Challenge 2017 2nd Runner Up
TF-INTL NUS STEP Technology Camp - Autonomous Car Robot Champion and 1st Runner Up
STEP Young Trailblazer Challenge Overall Winners (Tertiary Category) and Best Innovation, Best Business Plan, Best Business Pitch, and Best Poster Awards
Anatomy Challenge 2 Certificate of Distinction, 2 Certificate of Merit
NUS Political Association Chancellor’s Challenge Shield 2018 Champion
Project Caduceus Cup Champion and Bronze

Non-Academic Achievements

Name of Competition Achievement
Singapore Youth Festival Drama (JC/CI) Certificate of Distinction
Singapore Youth Festival Song Writing Competition Consolation Award (Top 16 Teams)
Singapore Youth Festival Art Exhibition 1 selected from Upper Secondary, 2 selected from Junior College
Peacemakers Conference 1st Runner Up
AstroChallenge Best Individual (Junior and Senior), and 1st Runner Up (Senior)
Singapore Amazing Flying Machine Competition
Cat B: 1st runner up (overall), 1st runner up (performance), 1st (theory of flight)
Cat C: 3rd (presentation)
70th National Schools Individual Chess Championship 9 national medals, 17 zonal medals Top 2 positions (West zone Girls’ Cat)
National Youth Weiqi Championships 2018 National Champion, 4th, 6th, 9th &10th prizes
27th Qiuping Cup National Weiqi Tournament 2018 National Champion (Sec 3 & 4 Cat) 1st, 2nd, 9th and 10th
Young Talents Project Finalist
National School Games Fencing Championship Champion (B Div Girls' Sabre Category)
20th National Canoe Polo Championship 2nd Runner Up
National Interschool Taekwondo Championships Gold (C Division Poomsae)
National School Games Track and Field Championship 3rd Position (1500 m)
U18 & U20 Athletics Championship
3rd Position (Boys U15 800m)
2nd Position (Boys U15 1500m)
Jurong West Secondary School Invitational Ultimate Frisbee Competition Champions (Girls Category)
1st Runner Up (Boys Category)
National School Games West Zone Table Tennis Championship 4th Position (C Div Boys)
National Cadet Corps Outstanding Cadet Award
St John’s Ambulance Brigade Non-Commissioned Officer Course 2017
3 Top 10% (Basic)
2 Top 10% (Advanced)
Frank Cooper Sands Award Silver (Scouts section)