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Receiving a Gold for MOE Innergy (HQ) Awards 2019

Earlier this year, Mr Joseph Tan Jit Bin from the Physics Department for receiving the Gold Award (Academic Category) under MOE Innergy (HQ) Awards 2019 in his collaboration with a team from MOE (MOE CPDD, Sciences Branch – Physics).

The concept that electrons in atoms have fixed energy levels may be an abstract concept, until we take a look at line spectrums emitted by hot gases. Top in the wish-list of science teachers is to have mobile and accessible equipment that can be used in classrooms to illustrate science concepts. A team from MOE actualized this by turning the phone into a usable scientific equipment within classrooms. This allows students to collect data and investigate phenomena easily.

Mr Tan collaborated with the team to use 3D printing to create a low cost, modified spectrum analyser that could be easily attached to students’ smartphones, hence allowing them to analyse different gases in the environment and study their line spectra on their phones.

Many of our students have also benefitted from other innovative demonstration set ups that Mr Tan and the other lab officers have created to bring about wonderment in our science lessons. Once again, congratulations to Mr Tan!