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Press release: Strengthening Partnerships with Industry and IHLs, Appointment of New Chairman to Board of Governors

[27 September] Strengthening Partnerships with Industry and Institutions of Higher Learning and Research with the Launch of Engineering Honours and Appointment of Mr Seah Moon Ming as New Chairman to the Board of Governors at NUS High School of Mathematics and Science

Launch of Engineering Honours at NUS High School in January 2022

In partnership with the new NUS College of Design and Engineering (CDE), NUS High School is offering a new Honours programme, in addition to the existing Honours programmes in Mathematics, Computer Science, Biology, Chemistry and Physics.  Students can read a Major in Physics with Honours in Engineering from 2022. 

The Engineering Honours programme will add to the diversity of choices for the students’ subject combination. It will allow students to learn to look at the world’s challenges and work out practical ways to solve them. The practical skills in designing, making and overall problem-solving are versatile and may be transferred to many fields such as communications, information, transport, energy, manufacturing, healthcare, technical consulting and technopreneurship.

NUS High School students can choose to read 2 out of 24 modules when they are in Years 5 and 6 to fulfil their Engineering Honours in many domains, including inter-disciplinary ones such as Biomedical Engineering, Chemical Engineering and Computer Engineering.  

These students will earn credits from these modules which can be transferred if they matriculate to NUS.

Strengthening Partnerships with Industry: Tesla Initiative @NUS High

Besides collaborations with institutions of higher learning and research, NUS High School has tied up with leading industry partners in recent years to offer students different programmes to promote learning beyond the classrooms.

As the dictum goes, the best way to learn is by doing.  The Tesla Initiative is an exciting development at NUS High that offers the opportunity to the school’s Year 6 students to pair their enriching learning journey with an immersive work experience and equip them with relevant life experiences. 49 NUS High School students have completed their internships under the programme since 2018.

The Tesla Initiative aims to develop students’ maker mindset and pioneering spirit.  From being an Aquaculture Design intern at a local start-up to an Artificial Intelligence project intern at GovTech, students have been availed of invaluable learning experiences.  Apart from getting a peek at what post-school life possibly looks like, many cited that open communication, multi-tasking and collaborating with people of diverse profiles as important skills that they had picked up during their attachment.

Currently, most internships offered to NUS High School students span a period of four weeks to over 30 weeks. The school has, to date, partnered with over 30 organizations and institutions from a wide range of STEM-related industries to provide the learning opportunities for our students.  NUS High School continues with its efforts to engage students in internships, learning journeys, sharing sessions and dialogues with industry experts to excite Singapore’s future professionals.

Appointment of Mr Seah Moon Ming as New Chairman to the Board of Governors at NUS High School

We warmly welcome Mr Seah Moon Ming, Chairman of SMRT Corporation Ltd, as the new Chairman of the Board of Governors of the NUS High School with effect from 1 October 2021.  Professor Tan Eng Chye, President of the NUS, said, “Mr Seah has deep insights into how technology, science and innovation can drive industries forward, and create opportunities in emerging fields.  He brings an exciting sense of mission to mould young people who will be globally adept problem solvers, while anchored with a deep sense of personal and community values.”

Mr Seah shared, “I would like to steer the school to produce book smart and street smart professionals with an international outlook, anchored by a strong sense of purpose and values to serve Singapore and Singaporeans.”

We would also like to express our heartfelt appreciation to Ms Seah Jiak Choo, formerly the Director-General of Education, who has served for 10 years as Chairperson on the Board of NUS High School. During her tenure, NUS High established itself as an innovative and rigorous institution, providing a holistic education characterised not only by academic excellence, but a deep commitment to character development.