1. Is SPSO related to Direct School Admissions?
It is not related to the Direct School Admissions Exercise. However, participants who show outstanding performance will be taken note of.

2. Is there an age limit?
As long as the students are enrolled in Primary Five as of the year of competition, he/she will be allowed to participate regardless of his/her age. For 2021, as long as the participants are enrolled in Primary Six, they are also allowed to participate.

3. Can Primary Six students take part?
Due to the extenuating circumstances resulting from the COVID-19 situation last year, SPSO 2021 is open to both P5 and P6 students this year.

4. Can students in levels lower than Primary Five take part?
No. This is for Primary Five students. For 2021, it is also open to Primary 6 students.

5. Can participants register as individuals if their primary schools do not take part, or the school did not select them to participate?
No. Participants can only register via their schools. Please approach your school's Science department for registration. 

6. When will results of the theory round be released and how will it be made known?
The results will be released in July. Schools will also be notified by email. No telephone inquiry regarding results will be entertained.

7. Are samples of past year SPSO papers available?
Past year SPSO papers are not available. Schools and participants can refer to the SPSO samples questions found on this website.