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Book Sales

NUS High School publishes the following NMO∑ Solution Books every year:

    • NMO∑ Solution Book 2016
    • NMO∑ Solution Book 2017
    • NMO∑ Solution Book 2018
    • NMO∑ Solution Book 2019
    • NMO∑ Ten-Year Series 2006 – 2015
With effect from 27 August 2018, NUS High School will no longer be selling these books to members of public. Interested public may purchase the above books at the following retail store:


NUS Co-op@Central Forum
12 Kent Ridge Crescent
Central Library Building
Singapore 119275

Tel: 67770325

  • Monday to Friday - 9am to 6pm
  • Saturday - 9am to 1pm (Closed during NUS vacation)
  • Closed on Sunday and Public Holiday
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If you intend to buy in bulk, please contact the outlet in advance or email copcp1@nus.edu.sg to enquire.