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Where do our alumni go from here?

Australia National University . KAIST . Monash University . Nanyang Technological University . National University of Singapore . Seoul National University . Singapore Management University . Singapore University of Technology and DesignUniversity of Adelaide . University of Hong Kong . University of Melbourne . University of New South Wales . University of Queensland . University of Sydney . University of Tokyo . Yale-NUS

North America

Brown University . California Institute of Technology . Carnegie Mellon University . Columbia University . Cornell University . Duke University . Emory University . Harvard University . Harvey Mudd College . Johns Hopkins University . Massachusetts Institute of Technology . McGill University . Princeton University . Rice University . Stanford University . Tufts University . University of British Columbia . University of California, Berkeley . University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign . University of Michigan, Ann Arbor . University of Pennsylvania . University of Toronto . University of Waterloo . Vanderbilt University . Wesleyan University . Williams College . Yale University


Ecole Hoteliere de Lausanne . Heidelberg University . Imperial College London . King’s College London . London School of Economics . Oxford University . University of St Andrews . University College London . University of Cambridge . University of Edinburgh . University of Glasgow . University of London . University of Nottingham . University of Warwick

What our Alumni Say

Alumni - Get Involved!

There are many ways that alumni can contribute to our NUS High community!

Sharing of Experiences.pngSharing of university, army, interview, scholarship experiences Assisting as Trainers.pngAssisting as instructors/trainers in various disciplines Helping the School.png Helping the school in outreach activities Providing Leads.pngProviding Leads for Research Projects / Internship opportunities

Keep In Touch!

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