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The Challenge 

  • Format of Challenge
SIMC is a mathematical modelling challenge based on real-world applications. Participants will be given the Challenge during the event. Each team may use resources such as textbooks, computers, software packages or the Internet independently without guidance from others. Participants will sign a declaration to uphold the integrity of the challenge when they submit the solution. Participants found to infringe on this declaration would face consequence as determined by the judging panel.

Participants are to work on the Challenge in their individual teams. The Chief Judge will conduct a workshop for the participants on the first day, where they can pick up tips on tackling the Challenge.

Teams will be given about 2 days to work on the Challenge. There are 2 components to be completed:
  • Full written report of the team’s solutions for the Challenge
  • Oral presentation (slides may be prepared). The team is not expected to present the full solution to all the  questions in the Challenge. Instead, the judge will clarify and expect students to explain or elaborate on certain section of the Challenge.

  • Samples of previous Mathematical Modelling Challenge are available here . These samples are only for your reference. 

    • Judging Criteria
    The judging criteria will be determined by the Challenge Executive Committee. The general criteria include creative ability, accuracy, efficiency and clarity.

    • Awards
    The awards for SIMC 2020 are summarised in the table below:

    Awards Criteria
    Challenge Champion Best performance in Challenge Presentation
    Distinction Award Excellent performance in Challenge Presentation
    Commendation Award Good performance in Challenge Presentation
    Special Awards Special awards can be given to award team with outstanding achievements in certain aspects of the Challenge (e.g. most innovative solution or best oral presentation)

    All participants who submitted the solution will be given certificates of participation.