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About the ISSF

This fair will take place in Singapore over 5 days, and we are working hard to give all participation a meaningful and enjoyable fair.  

The ISSF   is an international student fair hosted on a rotating basis by a network of science high schools worldwide. It was officially launched in 2005 to facilitate international interaction and collaboration in science education. The ISSF brings together students, teachers and school leaders to share and develop their ideas about science in a modern world. The ISSF is the major event of its type in the world with a focus on the combined sharing and development of teaching and learning in science education. Each year’s event creates a learning hub for participants that provide a range of forums promoting the development in teaching and learning of science research and science education.

ISSF aims  provide students with opportunities to:

  • effectively communicate scientific knowledge and concepts to an international audience;
  • think critically about how effective leadership in science can provide solutions to complex societal issues;
  • make cross-cultural connections with gifted science students, teachers and principals.

About the ISSF logo and theme


The ISSF logo is based on the symbol Xi, X, which is the upper case of the 14th letter in the Greek Alphabet. In particle physics, the X particle is a baryon that generates a cascade of other particles. The 12th International Student Science Fair (ISSF) hopes to be the agent to cascade passion for science to the participants. The X symbol is in 3 strong primary colours to symbolise the importance of diversity in the fair so that the event can learn from one another.

This year’s theme is Exploring Science, Inspiring Minds. We have laid out a series of Nobel Experiments so that students can explore science that changes paradigm. We have also invited a Nobel Laureate to inspire the your minds in this event.

The ISSF in 2016 happens to be the 12th iteration, which is neatly represented by the roman numeral XII in the logo.