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NUS High School of Mathematics and Science is a specialized independent school set up to nurture well-rounded and world-ready scientific minds. The Arts Curriculum in NUS High School offers a choice of two subject disciplines – Music & Art.  We also recognize and value the importance of an Arts Education as an integral part of a holistic and robust academic education in NUS High School. In addition, the vital presence of an Aesthetic Appreciation Program fosters a well-balanced educational experience by cultivating in every learner better appreciation for the arts as well as promoting artistic literacy.



Every  student in NUS High to become aesthetically-inclined and world-ready youths  for the arts.


Cultivating  in every learner to acquire musical and visual literacy for better  appreciation.




The  Arts have always served as an important means for the fundamental human  needs: for communication, for emotional and for cultural expressions.  The Arts constantly allow us to discover  who we are and our unique identity. It not only nurtures and shapes aesthetic  sensitivity but also develops social, intellectual, physical and mental  abilities in an individual. In short, the Arts enlightens our thinking,  enriches our spirits and our lives.  


The  NUS High School Music & Art Department aims to develop artistic (music  and visual) literacy to our Math & Science students. To nurture in them  the basic artistic competencies and aesthetic sensitivity for better  appreciation.  We aim to strive for  excellence within the limits of their individual capabilities; artistic  understanding and awareness that enable them to enjoy a meaningful journey,  not only for the present but also in the future.  We hope to cultivate in them a lifelong  interest in the arts with positive values and attitudes.


1. To promote awareness and cultivate values, basic artistic competencies and aesthetic sensitivity for EVERY STUDENT through the Aesthetic Appreciation and Department Programs.
2. To nurture TRACKS and MAJORS by challenging their creativity and potential to the fullest through formal, informal and enculturation settings (three levels of teaching transmission) through department curriculum and program.     


The  following otcomes and rewards as a result of these experiences here at NUS  High are as follows:


  1. Skills, Competencies & Leadership


  1. Knowledge & Understanding


  1. Creative & Aesthetically-Appreciative 


  1. Values & Attitudes