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NUS High school of Mathematics and Science is a specialized independent school set up to nurture well-rounded and future-ready Pioneers, Humanitarians and Innovators for the world. Nurturing students would mean that we must provide for every child in our school - not just those identified as 'talented' or 'gifted' - with a well-rounded education that includes the arts.  We recognize and value the importance of an Arts Education as an integral part of a holistic and robust academic education in NUS High school.

The Arts curriculum in NUS High school offers a choice of two subject disciplines - Music & Art.  In addition, the presence of an Aesthetic Appreciation Program (school-wide approach) fosters a balanced educational experience by cultivating in every learner better appreciation for the arts as well as promoting musical and visual literacy. Students are given an orientation through core music and art modules in their first year (department-based approach) before embarking on a separate track in the second year.  Students with deeper passion and appropriate aptitude for the disciplines may opt to major Music or Art in their fourth year.

We aspire our Math & Science students to develop artistic understanding and awareness (aesthetic sensitivity) and to strive for excellence to achieving the competencies (music and art literacy) within the individual capabilities. By reaching out to school and community through the performing and leadership opportunities in areas beyond the core curriculum we enable our students to experience a positive school arts education and a meaningful journey.  We are preparing our majoring students not only for university and career readiness, we are also laying the foundations for majority the success to be a creative and aesthetically-inclined, lifelong appreciative youths for the arts.



Learning Goals and Content


With the Arts extended into almost any area in our school curriculum, co-curriculum and events, these integrations will both augment the aesthetic experiences of the student community and expand the learning environment within the other disciplines. The goals for students in NUS High school Music and Art Programs are as follow:

1. To promote music and art awareness, cultivate values, develop basic knowledge and perception and to stretch students potential through the Aesthetic Appreciation Program (AAP). - School-wide Approach

2. to nurture interested students by challenging their creativity and capabilities to the fullest through the department's Music and Art curriculum as well as to provide leadership opportunities for our Tracks and Majors through the Music and Art Program (MAP). - Department-based Approach


The Music and Art Programs are designed as a developmental and sequential approach to music and art instruction within a six-year program.

1. The Music Program will enhance students' learning and doing through the acquisition of Music knowledge and Reading; Music Listening and Analysis; Music Composition and Performance.

2. The Art Program will enhance students' learning and doing through the acquisition of Aesthetic Perception; Artistic Expression; Historical and Cultural Context; Critical Analysis; and Practical Applications.



Learning Content Outcomes

The Music & Art Department promotes and cultivates awareness and appreciation through the aesthetic appreciation program, nurtures passionate students through curriculum and department activities that contribute to the total development of the individual. This development enhances also the 21st century competencies and the MOE's Desired Outcomes (Confident Person, Self-Directed Learner, Active Contributor, Concerned Citizen). School and community resources are used to facilitate the exploration of music and art in a manner both meaningful and relevant to students. Majoring students would have attained the skills and knowledge that will prepare them for tertiary level education and beyond.

When students can relate and apply their knowledge and ideas, and are able to associate, apply, analyze and synthesize through the learning processes for themselves, they are equipped with skills and competencies which will allow for lifelong learning to occur.  Musically and artistically gifted students will experience satisfying and valuable means to explore and develop their composite talents and abilities.

It is the hope that by the end of their school year, the maturing students will experience the following learning outcomes and rewards as a result of the music and art experiences here at NUS High: Knowledge & Understanding; Skills & Competencies; Values & Attitudes.


(updated 31 Oct 2018)



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