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Aesthetic Appreciation Program


The arts are a vital part of human existence and as such should be an integral part of every school curriculum. It is a major source of knowledge and meaning about ourselves as human beings and the world around us.  The NUS High School Music & Art Department has the dual obligation to develop the aesthetic sensitivity and awareness of all students regardless of their individual levels of musical/artistic knowledge through the Aesthetic Appreciation Program (AAP); and also to develop the talents of those who are gifted through quality Music and Art Programs (MAP). We hope all our Math & Science students achieve basic competencies and to strive for excellence within the limits of their individual capabilities. These aesthetic experiences will enable them to better enjoy and deepen the quality of their personal lives by broadening and refining their repertoire of expressive abilities.


The structure for the aesthetics is divided into two categories:

1. Aesthetic Appreciation Program (school-wide approach) is carried out at least four times a year during assembly slots or post-exam activities. Performances by the CCA Performing Arts do play a part in the aesthetic appreciation too.

2. Music & Art Program (department-based approach) such as Department Concert, Senior Recital, Art Graduation Show, Chamber Music, NUSHS Talent Search, Music & Art Awareness Day is spread throughout the year.