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Programmes & Events

Sustainable Development Youth Convention

The Sustainable Development Youth Convention is a 3-day event organised by Years 5 and 6 NUS High School students for Sec 3 – 4 student-participants from various schools in Singapore.  Last year (2010) was the inaugural SDYC during which a total of 130 students from 12 secondary schools took part. The Convention is run in accordance to United Nations procedures, serving as an academic simulation of debates in an intergovernmental organization, providing an additional learning experience for the participants.  The participants represent delegates of various stakeholders during the academic debates. Other highlights of the 2010 Convention included a radio dialogue with 938 LIVE, alongside tours of the NUS High School specialized laboratories and hands-on environmental science activities.


Moot Parliament Programme

Selected Year 3 students participate in the Moot Parliament Programme (MPP) organised by the Gifted Education Branch. This programme aims to develop students’ interest in active citizenry. It is designed to give participants hands-on exposure to the process of parliamentary legislation, more specifically to the process of discussing, proposing, researching, writing, debating and passing bills in Singapore parliamentary style.

Best Team Award 2010
Best Written Bill Award (2nd) 2010


Team Members from Left:
Samantha, Candice, Ji Hyun, Isaac, Russell and Clara

Humanities and Social Sciences Research Project

This programme is organised and coordinated by the Gifted Education Branch.  At NUS High, Year 4 students with an interest in Humanities and Social Sciences are given the opportunity to carry out research under the guidance of experts in the field from the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, National University of Singapore; the School of Humanities and Social Sciences, Nanyang Technological University; the Humanities and Social Sciences Education Academic Group, National Institute of Education; and School of Social Sciences, Singapore Management University.

Participation in WE Model United Nations Conference in Beijing

NUS High Delegates.JPG

Economics Experiential Trip

NUS High Delegates1.JPG