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The Chemistry curriculum in NUS High School of Mathematics and Science is a 6-year course which aims to deliver a meaningful learning experience for every student, and seeks to nurture the student as an inquirer. It is designed to ultimately instill depth in the understanding of fundamentals, and high competency in solving chemical problems. Our exciting curriculum takes on the spiraling approach and is divided into three key stages – Foundation, Advancement and Specialisation. 

The objectives of the Foundation Years are to build a strong understanding in basic and essential concepts in Chemistry and to develop a sense of appreciation for the subject and how closely it relates to our surroundings. The topics introduced will cover a wide breadth, using a conceptual approach, with an emphasis on understanding the behaviour of our physical world from the perspective of atoms and molecules. In addition, students will be frequently engaged in laboratory activities and during the course of which, learn the process of scientific investigations.

In the Advancement Years, students will be introduced to more advanced concepts like chemical equilibria and thermodynamics. Many of these concepts build on what the students already understand from the Foundation Years and the topics are treated in a more in-depth manner. There is also a continual emphasis on the practical component of Chemistry to enhance the students’ theoretical and laboratory skills through relevant and carefully planned practical sessions.

Specialisation years provide students with a platform to delve deeper into certain topics. Modules incorporate more higher order questions to stimulate the analytical minds of the students. At the same time, laboratory work is more intensive as students are now more ready to take on independent research to complement the theory covered in class.

The Department offers Chemistry Major with Honours for students who have aptitude and interest in this subject. To qualify, students have to achieve consistently good results in Core modules.

Students normally sit for AP Chemistry in Year 6.

The Department follows the general school policies on curriculum and assessment. For more details, please refer to the school curriculum framework.

The Department follows the general school policies on Exemption and Acceleration of Modules. Interested students shall approach the Head of Department for details on these matters.